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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 828

41401. Where is the headquarters of the National Archives of India (NAI)?

41402. Who of the following was recently named as the Regional Director of Ford Foundation for India, Nepal and Sri Lanka?

41403. Which union ministry has instituted "Kamaladevi Chattopadhya National Awards" for women handloom weavers and women handicraft artisans?

41404. BSE Institute will organise a two-day 'Dalal Street Lit Fest 2017' at its premises in from 10 March 2017 in

41405. Who is the author of the book "From Inside the Steel Frame: The Memoirs of an Administrator"?

41406. Who of the following Indian pacers are currently sharing the Number One spot in the ICC Player Rankings for Test Bowlers?

41407. The 11th edition of North-East Business Summit (NEBS) has started in which city?

41408. Which state among the United States of America is seeking to challenge Trump's new immigration order?

41409. Which bank has become the India's first bank to launch Aadhaar Pay service for merchants?

41410. Name the rating agency that predicted that Indian economy will grow 7.1% in fiscal 2016-17.

41411. Which public sector bank has launched "Work from Home" facility for employees?

41412. Veteran journalist Arvind Padmanabhan passed away recently. He worked with which of the following organisations?

41413. Indian women hockey team recently clinched a five-match Test series against which of the following countries?

41414. Which of the following is used as working fluid in vapour compression refrigeration system?

41415. Heat transfer takes place by the process of

41416. LMTD stands for

41417. The level of management most involved in the function of planning and organizing is:

41418. The function of Management in which various duties are allotted to various persons is called:

41419. The wages which fulfil the basic requirement of workers fare called:

41420. In which system of wage payment ,a fixed payment is made after a fixed period of time

41421. A break even point:

41422. The first split in the Indian National Congress took place at Surat in::

41423. In the ‘Individual Satyagraha’Vinoba Bhave was chosen as the first Satyagrahi.Who was the second?”

41424. Brahmagiri bill is situated in which district of Kerala:

41425. Which is the shortest river in Kerala?

41426. The Thermal Power plant of Bokaro is located in:

41427. Who wrote the book ‘Keralam Malyalikalude Mathrubhumi”?

41428. ’Nirvritipanchakam’was written by:

41429. Who became the editor of ‘Yuktivadi’ magazine in 1928?

41430. Who led the Pattini Jatha(Hunger strike)from Kannur to Madras?.

41431. The birth place of Blesed Kuriakose Elias Chavara is at:

41432. WHo was selected as the Best Actor in the 63rd National Film Award?

41433. Civil Service Day was observed in India on

41434. Who is the newly appointed chairman of the Central Water Commission (CWC)?

41435. The Swachh Shakti 2017 - A Convention of Women Sarpanches was held in which state?

41436. The 11th edition of North-East Business Summit (NEBS) started in which city?

41437. Name the sportsperson who is named as the new ambassador of the Chinese Super League.

41438. Which country is hosting the inaugural commonwealth summit 2017, which is largely focused on stimulating trade within the group?

41439. Who has been bestowed with the 2016 Saraswati Samman?

41440. According to the Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Bill 2016, the maternity leave has been extended from 12 weeks to how many weeks?

41441. What number of un-served airports and airstrips of India will be revived in accordance to CCEA approval?

41442. Arvind Padmanabhan, the noted journalist of IANS has recently passed away. What does IANS stands for?

41443. Name the South Korean President whose impeachment was upheld by the Constitutional Court ending his/her presidency.

41444. Which Indian cricketer has been appointed UNICEF and Cricket For Good Ambassador for the ICC Women's World Cup 2017?

41445. Which of the following universities recently conferred honorary degree of Doctor of Science on RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat?

41446. Who is the author of the book "Age of Anger - A History of the Present"?

41447. Which sector has been allocated the highest funds in the Delhi budget for the fiscal year 2017-18?

41448. Who is the newly elected President of the European Council (EC)?

41449. Which state government has launched web-based platform "Pratibimba" to project government achievements?

41450. Which company has become the first Indian power utility to successfully deploy tele-protection service using Line-Differential Relay (LDR) over an IP/MPLS network?

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