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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 829

41451. Which Indian institute has won the 2017 IEEE Spectrum Technology in the Service of Society Award?

41452. Researchers have found molecular evidence confirming the presence of which bird species in India more than 25000 years ago?

41453. Who became the first Indian woman gymnast to qualify for Olympics?

41454. Who won the player of the series in the ICC World Twenty 20 held in 2016?

41455. Where was Defence Expo 2016,India’s biggest ever defence exhibition held?

41456. Khasi’ is one of the language of the state of

41457. ’Guru Shikhar’is a highest peak in which of the following mountain ranges

41458. The National Highway No.1 A that links srinagar to Jammu goes through -------pass

41459. X-rays travel with the velocity of?

41460. Which one of the following revolts was made famous by Benkim Chandra Chatterjee in his novel ‘Anand math’?

41461. One hectare equals:

41462. Chain surveying is most suitable for:

41463. If a measuring tape is too long as compared to standard length,the error will be:

41464. The boundary of water of a still lake represents:

41465. Which method in plane table surveying for locating previous station point?

41466. Multiplying constant for the taheometer is generally:

41467. The ratio of the length of the object in the drawing to the actual length of the object is called:

41468. A 500 sq.m area is represented by 500 sq.mm in a drawing.The scale of the drawing is:

41469. Process of turning the telescope about the vertical axis in a horizontal plane is called:

41470. The instrument used for measuring area on a contour map is:

41471. In leveling a station point where

41472. Who has been appointed the new Deputy Governor in Reserve Bank of India (RBI)?

41473. Which union minister has inaugurated India's largest waste-to-power plant in New Delhi?

41474. Which state government has launched a 24X7 toll free helpline number "181" for distressed women?

41475. The 12th CII EXIM Bank Conclave on India Africa Project Partnership was held in which city?

41476. This country has introduced a constitutional amendment bill in its Parliament to review the controversial special military courts for trying hardcore militants.

41477. The National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) and the National Skill Development Fund (NSDF) signed a MoU with this Central Armed Police Force for execution of skill development programmes.

41478. This party won majority seats in the Uttarakhand Legislative Assembly Elections 2017.

41479. Who was selected for the Saraswati Samman 2016?

41480. India successfully test-fired this supersonic cruise missile recently.

41481. This party won the highest number of seats in the Manipur Legislative Assembly Elections 2017.

41482. This party won majority seats in the Punjab Legislative Assembly Elections 2017.

41483. It is for this period the Union Government recently launched the Stage II of India's HCFC Phase Out Management Plan.

41484. The World Kidney Day was observed on 9 March 2017 with the theme

41485. Who has been appointed as the new Ambassador of India to Nepal?

41486. Which country has successfully test fired naval strike ballistic missile "Hormuz 2"?

41487. George A. Olah, the Nobel laureate has passed away. He won the Nobel prize in which field?

41488. The High court of this state has directed the state government to admit children who lost their parents in the 2013 flood tragedy to Navodaya Vidyalayas and bear the expenses for it.

41489. Ronald Drever, the co-founder of Laser Interferometer Gravitational wave Observatory (LIGO), has recently passed away. He hailed from which country?

41490. Who is the author of the book "'The Travelling Belly: Eating Through India's By-Lanes"?

41491. Which state government has launched mobile App "Mera Hunar" for job aspirants?

41492. The coalition headed by this party won majority seats in the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly Elections 2017.

41493. Name the lunar probe spacecraft of India that was found by using a new ground-based radar technique by NASA scientists.

41494. Which university developed India's first genetically modified cotton variety F1861.

41495. This party won the highest number of seats in the Goa Legislative Assembly Elections 2017.

41496. The last reading of leveling is always a:

41497. Levelling across a river is done by:

41498. The line of collimation should be parallel to:

41499. The height of instrument method is:

41500. While traversing anticlockwise a closed traverse of ‘N’sides,theoretical sum of included angles should be:

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