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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 860

43001. The Union Government has launched RUSA portal to act as a one-stop for States' Higher Education Plans. What does 'RUSA' stands for?

43002. Who can remove a member of a Co-operative Society who become disqualified to continue as a member

43003. Name the badminton player who recently grabbed the 2017 Singapore Open Men's Singles title.

43004. ---------is prescribed for the application for the registration of a Co-operative Society

43005. Recently released Indian Dhow was hijacked off the coast of which country's island?

43006. ---------------appoint the auditor to audit a Co-operative societies

43007. Who of the following recently won the Asian Billiards Championship?

43008. ------------is the head quarters of international Co-operative Alliance

43009. Gayatri Pullela is associated with which sports?

43010. ----------is an input device of a computer

43011. Scientists have found a second Great Spot on which planet in our solar system?

43012. Expansion of CPU is----------

43013. Name the progressive rock and jazz fusion guitar pioneer who passed away recently.

43014. The following is an example of software

43015. Identify the actor, best known for his roles as Sheriff J.W. Pepper in the James Bond movies, who dies recently.

43016. The slogan of International Day of Co-operatives 2015 is------

43017. Who has won the 2017 Time Magazine's Most Influential Person Reader's poll?

43018. The strength of staff in a Co-operative society is fixed by------------

43019. Which company(s) is/are among the 11 Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) that were approved by Government for listing on stock exchanges?

43020. The act of creating an image about a product or brand in the consumer’s mind is known as----------

43021. Who of the following won the 2017 Bahrain Grand Prix?

43022. The Apex federation of Fisheries Co-operative of Kerala is----------

43023. Which country hosted the first-ever G20 Digital Ministerial Meeting on Digital Economy?

43024. First Control Co-operative bank in India is-------

43025. The Agricultural Credit Review Committee was appointed by the ----------

43026. The First Co-operative minister in Kerala

43027. In India ,Co-operative week is being celebrated from----------every year

43028. ----------was appointed to study about there organization of the Co-operative banking system in Kerala

43029. Section 80 A deals with----------

43030. -------------describes the representative general body of a Co-operative Society

43031. Lockout is weapon of employer,as-------is weapon of worker

43032. ”State Co-operative Election Commission”constituted under section-----------

43033. ’Neethi stores’ were started in--------

43034. Research and development fund is created by----------

43035. Who is considered as the organizer of the Co-operative movement in USA

43036. The color in the Co-operative flag represents--------

43037. Land Mortgage banks are called------

43038. ----------is the brand name of coconut oil produced by the KERAFED

43039. The head quarters of HANTEX is situated in----------

43040. The primary account book in a Co-operative society is------

43041. The term marketing Mix was first coined by---------

43042. All India Rural Credit Review Committee was appointed in----------

43043. In Raiffeisen Societies,loans were generally granted on the basis of-----------

43044. ’One man one vote’relates to the Co-operative principle------------

43045. Prakash Bakshi Committee was appointed in---------

43046. The cost price of a machine is Rs.1,60,000 and the depreciated value of the machine after 3 years will be Rs.88,If the company charges depreciation under straight line method,the rate of depreciation will be----------

43047. The cash withdrawn by the proprietor should be credited to-----------

43048. Consignment account is------

43049. Tally software package is developed by----------

43050. In Tally,discount column is available in----------

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