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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 861

43051. What does MODEM stand for?

43052. Father of nuclear science?

43053. In a computer,most process takes place in

43054. Identify the ODD one

43055. Did everybody miss the first bus?

43056. We will not allow them to run away

43057. Everyone must read this book:

43058. He knew that his own life was unjust.

43059. The student has learnt the answer by heart

43060. The old lady touched and patted the cow

43061. This watch was given to me by my grandfather.

43062. By whom is the child being fed?

43063. Alexander expected to conquer the world

43064. She begins her day with a cup of coffee

43065. Cacao is bitter when it is taste

43066. A great man acknowledged me as a flatterer to him

43067. Let us help him

43068. Can those happy moments be ever forgotten by me?

43069. You have to do this immediately.

43070. The labourers were digging a canal.

43071. The watchman switched on the lights before it began to grow dark.

43072. Where do you keep the current magazines?

43073. She will be rewarded for her kind dee

43074. God gives us happiness

43075. Who has been bestowed with the 6th edition of MS Swaminathan award?

43076. The toddler has a habit of throwing tantrums

43077. Which union ministry has launched nation-wide training programme for Elected Women representatives (EWRs) of Panchayats?

43078. He absented from the meeting

43079. What is the India's GDP growth forecast for FY 18, according to the World Bank's latest report "Globalization Backlash"?

43080. The concert will start when the conductor comes

43081. Which of the following IITs is all set to introduce a Vastu Shastra classes for its architecture students?

43082. The air-conditioner has made ceiling fans a little redundant in today’s world

43083. The joint military exercise Sagarmatha Friendship-2017 has commenced between

43084. You ought to do your homework,oughtn’t you?

43085. Which state government has recently signed a reworked MoU with Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL) for Barmer refinery?

43086. A thing of beauty is joy forever

43087. Which country is hosting the 3rd Edition of Global Exhibition on Services (GES - 2017)?

43088. The little boy fell from the roof

43089. Which multilateral organisation released the report Globalisation Backlash?

43090. Because that there were heavy rains the lake was floode

43091. Which state government has recently launched 'unemployment allowance scheme?

43092. The thieves ran away in a black car.

43093. Prisoners of this country in Israeli prisons have started a hunger strike

43094. I don’t understand why did you not call me last night

43095. The Koradi thermal power station, which was recently inaugurated by the PM Narendra Modi, is located in

43096. What she said is not correct at all.

43097. Bidya Devi Bhandari, who is on a State visit to India, is the President of

43098. My uncle couldn’t rise up from his bed no more.

43099. Union Minister of Human Resource Development Prakash Javadekar has launched portal and mobile app for RUSA. RUSA stands for

43100. The train rolls along the track.

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