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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 862

43101. What is the theme of the 2017 World Heritage Day?

43102. His miserable condition made us wept.

43103. The Manipur government has launched 'DARPAN' web portal to check corruption. What does "DARPAN" stands for?

43104. Everybody was alarmed with the news of his murder

43105. Which state's government has decided to provide pension to former circus artistes?

43106. The greatest fear which is scaring of the world today is global warming

43107. Who has won the 2017 Formula One Bahrain Grand Prix tournament?

43108. Anyone interested in computer programming can find a job in contemporary industry if you learn the basic programming languages,such as COBOL and FORTRAN

43109. What is the theme of the 2017 World Heritage Day (WHD)?

43110. Anxiety and other such emotions are known to be unhealthy to the body

43111. Which IIT institute will start 'Vastu Shastra' classes for architecture students?

43112. The Portsmouth Summer Art Festival is the only place in New Hampshire where we are fortunately see such diverse tales all in one place.

43113. Who of the following won the Arunachal Festival of Speed?

43114. He speaks not only English but Hindi as well

43115. The Union Government recently launched a launched a comprehensive module and a training program for capacity building of Elected Women Representatives of Panchayats. The programme was launched in which of the following cities?

43116. His powerful desire brought about his downfall

43117. Who has been bestowed with the Dr. Paduru Gururaja Bhat Memorial Award 2017?

43118. My opinion of the play is that it will win the National awar

43119. Girish Chandra Saxena, who was passed away recently, worked as the Governor of

43120. She said to me,”It has been raining heavily and you cannot go”

43121. John said to me,”Where have you been last night?”

43122. ”I’m taking my children to the zoo tomorrow”,she said,”to see the baby white tiger”.

43123. She said,”Mother,please cook me something nice today”.

43124. John said,”I shall be 21 tomorrow”

43125. She asked,”Is the secretary coming to the meeting?”

43126. The convict said,”Let me speak freely please”.

43127. Nisha told Monica,”What a beautiful dress you are wearing!”

43128. ”Call the witness”,said the magistrate

43129. ”Have you done this sort of work before?”said his new employer.

43130. Rahul says that Azhar loves Cricket.

43131. ”I came home last night”,said he.

43132. The beggar Said,”Poverty is a great curse”

43133. ”If you want to smoke,you will have to go out”,said the conductor

43134. ”Be careful;the steps are very slippery”,I warned him.

43135. The old lady declared that she was going to walk where she pleaseThey had the liberty

43136. The teacher asked me why I had been absent the day before.

43137. Mr.Robinson asked his son what he wanted to be when he grew up

43138. The boys respectfully wished their teacher good morning

43139. She said,”I am sorry,I am not able to submit those papers”.

43140. The girl wondered where the sparrows had gone

43141. She said to me,”I’m going shopping.Can I get you something?”

43142. Ramesh informed his friend that he could make use of his car while he was away

43143. Kala said to Radha,”Who were you speaking to over the phone?”

43144. Name the cinema at Lal Chowk of Srinagar whose site will be used for development of a heritage museum soon.

43145. The king said to his men,”Do not be afraid of the enemy.Face them bravely.”

43146. Kannan said to Subh”I’II return the book after I have read it”.

43147. The boss said to his secretary,”Did you discuss this matter with the manager?”

43148. The writer had plenty of time to spare because

43149. The writer needed the receipt

43150. The writer felt foolish because

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