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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 865

43251. Which Indian made it to the Times 100 Influential People list of 2017?

43252. Dr Bhakti Yadav, popularly known as Doctor Didi, was recently presented with Padma Shri award at her residence to recognise her service to the poor. Which state does she belong to?

43253. Parliament of this country in April 2017 decided to transfer the control of royal agencies from the government to the new King Maha Vajiralongkorn.

43254. Giuseppina Nicolini has been honoured with the 2017 Felix Houphouet Boigny Peace Prize. She hails from which country?

43255. Which state government is planning to set up "Book Banks" in schools to provide old books to needy students?

43256. Which airline became the world's first airline to adopt new satellite-based airplane tracking system?

43257. Name the state whose Chief Minister ordered a review of the prestigious Yash Bharti Awards that were started by the previous government.

43258. Which Indian cricketer will be honoured with the 75th Master Dinanath Mangeshkar award for his outstanding contribution to Indian Cricket?

43259. Which country's former president has been disqualified from running in the upcoming presidential elections?

43260. Which country to host the first-ever World Ocean Festival (WOF)?

43261. Which All India Radio (AIR) has been honoured with the 26th edition of Lelte Award?

43262. Which country to host 2017 BRICS Film Festival?

43263. A set of four rare stamps, featuring the portrait of Mahatma Gandhi was auctioned in UK at highest price ever paid for Indian stamps. These stamps were sold at what price?

43264. That which can be drunk

43265. One who is neither intelligent nor dull

43266. Person leading a life of strict self-discipline

43267. A person who loves everybody

43268. A small village or a group of houses

43269. Which social reformer started the movement called ‘Sadhujana Paripalana Sangam’?

43270. Who wrote the book ‘Anastasyayude Rektha Sakshyam’?

43271. Golden Quadrilateral is a--------project

43272. Name of the instrument used in aeroplanes to measure height:

43273. Which Malayalam poet was honored by the British prince in 1922?

43274. A major poverty eradication programme in the following:

43275. The largest pure water lake in India:

43276. Who was the founder of Prathyaksha Raksha Daiva Sabha?

43277. The first woman appointed as the judge of the Supreme Court of India hailed from?

43278. Which gave the honorary title ‘Sardar’to Vallabhai Pattel?

43279. Which river is related with Majuli Island?

43280. Ustad Ahmad Lahauri is the principal designer of which famous building?

43281. Which Indian State gets its name from the Pali word for Buddhist monastery?

43282. The last supper is a famous fresco painted by which great renaissance artist?

43283. Sulkhan Singh is appointed as new DGP of which state?

43284. Who will be honoured with the 75th Master Dinanath Mangeshkar Award?

43285. It is in this State, the NDMA conducted a mock exercise on forest fires recently.

43286. Pakistan has leased the Gwadar Port to a company belonging to this country for 40 years.

43287. By divesting it's 9.2% stake in NALCO, the Union Government has raised

43288. Sulkhan Singh was appointed as the DGP of

43289. Rupee weakens ______ paise against dollar at 64.65.

43290. With this country India signed a MoU to cooperate in the field of defence shipbuilding.

43291. The Government of this State announced plans to develop the birthplace of Srimanta Sankardev Batadrava as an international tourist spot recently.

43292. India contributed this much amount to the Election Commission Division of the UN recently.

43293. Mastercard creates credit card with __________ scanner.

43294. PV Sindhu moves to _______ position in world ranking.

43295. This State Government announced the establishment of 40 yoga wellness centres recently.

43296. The first India-Indonesia Energy Forum was held in?

43297. As per an estimate of the IMF, the projected global economic growth for 2017 is

43298. Which of the following States was/were chosen for Krishi Samman Awards 2015-16?

43299. Which country will host the first-ever World Ocean Festival?

43300. The 11th Civil Services Day was celebrated on?

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