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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 894

44701. IRDA (Insurance and regulatory Authority of India) was formed in?

44702. Pickout the wrong sentence.?

44703. Father of Library Movement in Kerala?

44704. Which is the least achieved objective of India's Five Year Plans?

44705. Hackers...........?

44706. Chemically an enzyme is?

44707. Paper was invented in China in the?

44708. Pick up from the answer choices one which complete the sentence correctly: If the driver ......... the brake, the car would have hit the man.?

44709. Railways were introduced in India when the Governor -General of India was?

44710. Storage that retains its data after the power is turned off is referred to as?

44711. Who was the Chief Minister of Kerala at the time of India Internal Emergency Period?

44712. V.K. Krishnamenon Art Gallery situated in?

44713. Which among the following countries known as ‘Thunder Dragon?

44714. Provide prepositions: The ship is heavily laden ......... cargo .?

44715. How many pairs of cranial nerves in man?

44716. ......... was the first animal to be domesticated.?

44717. Who amongst the following was the first sultan of Tughlaq dynasty?

44718. A gas that cannot be collected over water is?

44719. The compound used in anti-malarial drug is?

44720. The human cell contains?

44721. Aeroplanes are kept in .........?

44722. Nervous system is affected by the shortage of?

44723. The Smallest Grama Panchayath in Kerala is?

44724. Rewrite as directed:The offer’ holds good’ for two days. (‘Holds good’ means:)?

44725. The KSRTC was established in the year?

44726. The spread of Jainism in Karnataka is attributed to?

44727. Where is the headquarters of Colombo plan?

44728. Every individual wishes to lead a .........life.?

44729. The Lok Sabha can be dissolved before the expiry of its normal five year term by?

44730. He asked me if I ......... help him to lift the box.?

44731. The headquarters of International Court of Justice is in peace palace in?

44732. Fahian cave situated in?

44733. Tetra ethyl lead is used as?

44734. The benefit of using computers is that?

44735. Metals are good conductors of heat and electricity because they contain?

44736. Study of rivers is called?

44737. The Malhotra Committee has recommended?

44738. The tail of a comet points?

44739. He was enamoured ......... the girl .?

44740. Shajahan’s reign is regarded as a Glorious epoch in the history of the empire. Which one of the following achievements has given lasting glory to his reign?

44741. In which Asian Country did C.V. Devan Nair serve as president?

44742. Rhizome is an underground modification of?

44743. Kautilya’s Arthashastra is a great treatise on?

44744. Which of the following was to be discovered first in the chromosphere of the sun?

44745. The accused ......... to the judge for mercy.?

44746. The famous poet Amir Khusrau, nicknamed the ‘Parrot of India’ was the contemporary of all of the following except?

44747. The largest lymphatic organ of the body is?

44748. Which is known as the key to the Mediterranean?

44749. The longest river in India is the?

44750. Appendix is a part of?

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