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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 895

44751. World famous painter from Kerala is?

44752. The court set ......... his claims .?

44753. Name the country where the mother and the daughter were the rulers:?

44754. International widow’s day is?

44755. Let’s play, .........?

44756. Who was the first foreign invader to India?

44757. The free trade port of the country is?

44758. 'Operation Black Board' has been adopted as a mean to overcome illiteracy in the country under the:?

44759. Which is the popular game in the world?

44760. The integration of Travancore and Cochin took place in..........?

44761. Which is the firstMalayalam Novel?

44762. The year of Temple entry proclamation?

44763. Which was the birth place of Ramakrishna Pillai?

44764. The headquarters of ASEAN?

44765. Who has the first President to won the Bharatharatna?

44766. Who was the first king to have the image of Lord Buddha inscribed on his coins?

44767. Which hormone is responsible for apical growth?

44768. Who was the first scientist to measure the charge of an electron?

44769. In solarcell light energy is converted into?

44770. The leader who led ‘Starvation March’ to Chennai in 1936?

44771. Use prepositions wherever necessary. Sweets are injurious ......... health .?

44772. Which of the following has not been awarded a Nobel Prize and a Bharat Ratna?

44773. The famous book ‘ Mother’ is written by?

44774. If two bodies having different masses are left at the same height in vaccum , then what happened?

44775. The year in which American civil war broke out was?

44776. Pulakesin II was a contemporary of?

44777. Which of the following cup/trophies is associated with the game of Lawn Tennis?

44778. Rewrite as directed. They will finish the work. (Turn into passive)?

44779. Which organisation has WTO succeeded?

44780. World Antitobacco day is ..............?

44781. ......... less than five students have tried to solve this problem.?

44782. Which of the following refers to the trade block of the Sates on the Pacific Ocean?

44783. She is usually seen ......... white saree.?

44784. Who is the author of the best seller ‘Fairie Queene’?

44785. The National Award instituted for sport’s coach is:?

44786. Which among the following Cup/Trophy related with billiards?

44787. Viticulture is?

44788. The age of a tree can be determined by?

44789. Who was known as the Father of Bengali prose?

44790. Unit for measuring the pitch or frequency of sound is?

44791. Mixture of seven colours (VIBGYOR) is called?

44792. The forest department has planted trees ......... the side of the road.?

44793. Which of the following will not ‘cut’ information?

44794. Who among the following judges propounded the ‘Basic structure doctrine’ in the Keshavananda Bharati Case (1973)?

44795. The rate of Chemical reaction does not depend upon?

44796. The source of oxygen for fish living at the bottom layer of the sea is:?

44797. Jainism had the patronage of?

44798. Which of the following committees consists of the members of the Loksabha only?

44799. Select a similar pair - BDPS : AEOT ::?

44800. Who has won the first Swiss Ambassodor’s Award?

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