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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 904

45201. Which of the following is not a criteria for a sanitary well?

45202. Termination of all transmission of infection by extermination of the infection by extermination of the infectious agent through surveillance and containment

45203. All are functions of ASHA except

45204. Mechanism of action of Paris Green is:

45205. Which of the following statements are false?

45206. A ‘problem village’ is all of the following except

45207. All are terms used to express the strength of sewage except

45208. An ideal disinfectant is all except

45209. Which of the following is not a satisfactory agent for household purification of water?

45210. The important uses of health information are all of the following except

45211. All are activities included in the surveillance of drinking water quality except

45212. The conditions under which a pregnancy can be terminated under the MTP Act of 1971 are all except

45213. Which of the following is used to detect the presence of microorganisms in milk?

45214. Which of the following is not an effective control method for Cyclops?

45215. Which of the following is true of high temperature short time method of pasteurization of milk?

45216. Characteristics of good meat are all except

45217. Minimum standards for slaughter houses as prescribed under the Model Public Health Act 1955 are all except

45218. Which of the following is an unsatisfactory method of Infertility?

45219. Infections which can be transmitted by food handlers are all except

45220. Adding argemone oil to mustard oil is an example on

45221. The time limit for registering the event of births and deaths in India is

45222. All are food standards except

45223. The permissible limit of coliform organisms in drinking water is:

45224. All are water borne diseases except

45225. All are true regarding Couple Protection Rate(CPR)except

45226. Which of the following is not an Injectable contraceptive?

45227. A low sex ratio Indicates

45228. Vital events include

45229. Post operative advice given to a patient who has undergone vasectomy is:

45230. The total process of collecting,compiling and publishing demographic,economic and social data pertaining at a specified time,to all persons in a country or delimited territory is called:A

45231. Yojana Aayog or Planning Commission has been replaced by

45232. A 3G anganwadi is one

45233. All are false regarding an Ideal IUD candidate except

45234. How many of the Millenium Development Goals are directly related to health?

45235. Which o the following are required for the proper functioning of an oxidation pond?

45236. What is the form fator of pure sine wave?

45237. Chisels are made of:

45238. A magnifying glass is used:

45239. A delayed-action cartridge fuse is used for:

45240. The effect of smoke,acid and alkali is negligible on:

45241. The inner tube of a HPMV lamp is filled with:

45242. Total electrical degrees for a 4 pole AC machine is equal to:

45243. Which element is used as semiconductor material?

45244. Highest dopped region in a transistor is:

45245. Energy radiated continuously in the form of light-waves is called:

45246. What is the working temperature of a thoriated tungsten filament?

45247. Impurities in an electrolyte can cause an internal short-circuit condition called:

45248. Permanent magnets are normally made of:

45249. Induction instruments have found widest application as:

45250. The power factor of an ordinary electric bulb is:

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