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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 911

45551. An investor invested a sum of Rs. 12 lakhs in Company P in 1998. The total amount received after one year was re-invested in the same Company for one more year. The total appreciation received by the investor on his investment was?

45552. An investor invested Rs. 5 lakhs in Company Q in 1996. After one year, the entire amount along with the interest was transferred as investment to Company P in 1997 for one year. What amount will be received from Company P, by the investor?

45553. The number of students studying in the school during 1999 was?

45554. For which year, the percentage rise/fall in the number of students who left the school compared to the previous year is maximum?

45555. The strength of school incresed/decreased from 1997 to 1998 by approximately what percent?

45556. The number of students studying in the school in 1998 was what percent of the number of students studying in the school in 2001?

45557. The ratio of the least number of students who joined the school to the maximum number of students who left the school in any of the years during the given period is?

45558. During which of the following pairs of years, the strength of the school was same?

45559. Among the given years, the largest number of students joined the school in the year?

45560. In which periodical exams did the student obtain the highest percentage increase in marks over the previous periodical exams ?

45561. The total number of marks obtained in Feb. 02 is what percent of the total marks obtained in April 01 ?

45562. What is the percentage of marks obtained by the student in the periodical exams of August, 01 and Oct, 01 taken together ?

45563. What are the average marks obtained by the student in all the periodical exams during the last session ?

45564. In which periodical exams there is a fall in percentage of marks as compared to the previous periodical exams ?

45565. For which of the following pairs of years the total exports from the three Companies together are equal?

45566. Average annual exports during the given period for Company Y is approximately what percent of the average annual exports for Company Z?

45567. In which year was the difference between the exports from Companies X and Y the minimum?

45568. What was the difference between the average exports of the three Companies in 1993 and the average exports in 1998?

45569. In how many of the given years, were the exports from Company Z more than the average annual exports over the given years?

45570. Green ring of the olympic emblem represents which continent?

45571. To pretend,I actually do the thing:I have therefore only pretended to pretend:

45572. The 20th century totalitarianism represents an onion like structure.This statement is attributed to:

45573. Who described bureaucracy as a continental nuisance?

45574. Which is the ‘cleft country’according to Samuel P.Huntington in clashes of civilization?

45575. If the difference between the two expenditures are represented by 18? in the pie-chart, then these expenditures possibly are

45576. For an edition of 12,500 copies, the amount of Royalty paid by the publisher is Rs. 2,81,250. What should be the selling price of the book if the publisher desires a profit of 5%?

45577. If for an edition of the book, the cost of paper is Rs. 56250, then find the promotion cost for this edition.

45578. Which two expenditures together have central angle of 108??

45579. What percentage of Indian tourist went to either USA or UK ?

45580. The ratio of the number of Indian tourists that went to USA to the number of Indian tourists who were below 30 years of age is ?

45581. If amongst other countries, Switzerland accounted for 25% of the Indian tourist traffic, and it is known from official Swiss records that a total of 25 lakh Indian tourists had gone to Switzerland during the year, then find the number of 30-39 year old Indian tourists who went abroad in that year ?

45582. What percentage of proteins of the human body is equivalent to the weight of its skin ?

45583. How much of the human body is neither made of bones or skin ?

45584. What is the ratio of the distribution of proteins in the muscles to that of the distribution of proteins in the bones ?

45585. For the year 2005, which company has realised the lowest average unit sales price for a PC ?

45586. Over the period 2005-2006, if sales (value-wise) of IBM PC's increased by 50% and of Apple by 15% assuming that PC sales of all other computer companies remained the same, by what percentage (approximately) would the PC sales in New York (value-wise) increase over the same period ?

45587. In 2005, the average unit sale price of an IBM PC was approximately (in US$)

45588. Near about 20% of the funds are to be arranged through:

45589. If NHAI could receive a total of Rs. 9695 crores as External Assistance, by what percent (approximately) should it increase the Market Borrowing to arrange for the shortage of funds?

45590. If the toll is to be collected through an outsourced agency by allowing a maximum 10% commission, how much amount should be permitted to be collected by the outsourced agency, so that the project is supported with Rs. 4910 crores?

45591. The central angle corresponding to Market Borrowing is

45592. The approximate ratio of the funds to be arranged through Toll and that through Market Borrowing is

45593. What is the total number of graduate and post-graduate level students is institute R?

45594. What is the ratio between the number of students studying at post-graduate and graduate levels respectively from institute S?

45595. How many students of institutes of M and S are studying at graduate level?

45596. What is the ratio between the number of students studying at post-graduate level from institutes S and the number of students studying at graduate level from institute Q?

45597. Total number of students studying at post-graduate level from institutes N and P is

45598. If the population of village R in 1997 is 32000, then what will be the population of village Y below poverty line in that year?

45599. The ratio of population of village T below poverty line to that of village Z below poverty line in 1997 is:

45600. Find the population of village S if the population of village X below poverty line in 1997 is 12160.

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