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46101. Data manipulation language (DML) commands are used to define a database, including creating, altering, and dropping tables and establishing constraints.

46102. Scalar aggregate are multiple values returned from an SQL query that includes an aggregate function.

46103. The keyword LIKE can be used in a WHERE clause to refer to a range of values.

46104. The SQL statement: SELECT Name, COUNT() FROM NAME_TABLE; counts the number of name rows and displays this total in a table with a single row and a single column.

46105. The SQL keyword GROUP BY instructs the DBMS to group together those rows that have the same value in a column.

46106. The wildcard asterisk () is the SQL-92 standard for indicating "any sequence of characters."

46107. Microsoft Access has become ubiquitous, and being able to program in Access is a critical skill.

46108. SQL provides five built-in functions: COUNT, SUM, AVG, MAX, MIN.

46109. The keyword BETWEEN can be used in a WHERE clause to refer to a range of values.

46110. To establish a range of values, < and > can be used.

46111. If you are going to use a combination of three or more AND and OR conditions, it is often easier to use the NOT and NOT IN operators.

46112. You can add a row using SQL in a database with which of the following?

46113. The command to remove rows from a table 'CUSTOMER' is:

46114. The SQL WHERE clause:

46115. Which of the following is the original purpose of SQL?

46116. The wildcard in a WHERE clause is useful when?

46117. When it is needed to top up the lead acid battery frequently.it is due to:

46118. Hydrometer is device used to check:

46119. In hydraulic system Brake binding is due to:

46120. Double de-clutching is associated with:

46121. Gear clash during shifting may be caused by any of the following except:

46122. ________ is an open source DBMS product that runs on UNIX, Linux and Windows.

46123. What is sent to the user via HTTP, invoked using the HTTP protocol on the user's computer, and run on the user's computer as an application?

46124. What MySQL property is used to create a surrogate key in MySQL?

46125. What is not true of a Java bean?

46126. A JSP is transformed into a(n):

46127. Which JDBC driver Type(s) can you use in a three-tier architecture and if the Web server and the DBMS are running on the same machine?

46128. What programming language(s) or scripting language(s) does Java Server Pages (JSP) support?

46129. What servlet processor was developed by Apache Foundation and Sun?

46130. What is bytecode?

46131. What is invoked via HTTP on the Web server computer when it responds to requests from a user's Web browser?

46132. Which JDBC driver Type(s) is(are) the JDBC-ODBC bridge?

46133. How many copies of a JSP page can be in memory at a time?

46134. Which JDBC driver Types are for use over communications networks?

46135. JDBC stands for:

46136. How does Tomcat execute a JSP?

46137. MySQL is just as powerful as Oracle and is half the price.

46138. Java programs are compiled into bytecode.

46139. JDBC Type 2 drivers connect to the native API of the DBMS.

46140. MySQL surrogate keys are given the property AUTO_INCREMENT.

46141. A servlet is a Java program that is invoked via HTTP on the Web server.

46142. Apache Web server does not support servlets.

46143. MySQL maintains metadata in the database meta_sql.

46144. The JVM (Java virtual machine) interprets Java bytecode at run time.

46145. JSP pages provide a means to create dynamic Web pages using HTML and the Java programming language.

46146. MySQL is pronounced "my See-quel."

46147. Java bytecode is machine-specific code.

46148. Even though Java is machine-independent, JSPs are not.

46149. An applet is a Java bytecode program that is sent to the user via HTTP and is invoked using the HTTP protocol on the user's computer.

46150. With JSP, the coding is done in Java and only in Java.

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