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46201. Generally five wheel tyre rotation starts from which side wheel?

46202. Which of the following is not true of SQL views?

46203. SQLPlus will finish the statement and execute it when the user types in this:

46204. Which of the following is NOT an Oracle-supported trigger?

46205. After a table has been created, its structure can be modified using the SQL command:

46206. Which of the following is not true about modifying table columns?

46207. Of the three ways to create an Oracle database, which one is the easiest and most recommended?

46208. What Oracle backup and recover file contains user and system data?

46209. When using SQLPlus, Oracle commands, column names, table names and all other database elements:

46210. Which SQL phrase is not supported by Oracle?

46211. What is the type of Oracle backup in which all uncommitted changes have been removed from the datafiles?

46212. You have linked SQLPlus to an external text editor. To invoke the text editor for use within SQLPlus, which command do you use?

46213. The default extension for an Oracle SQLPlus file is:

46214. An Oracle System Change Number (SCN):

46215. To obtain the structure of an Oracle table, the command to use is:

46216. To see the contents of the SQLPlus buffer, type:

46217. Indexes are created to enforce uniqueness on columns and to enable fast retrieval by column values.

46218. Money is defined in Oracle with the Currency data type.

46219. The default extension for SQLPlus is .sql.

46220. The left-leaning slash tells Oracle to execute whatever statement is in the buffer.

46221. Oracle maintains a System Change Number (SCN) which is a database-wide value that is incremented by Oracle whenever database changes are made.

46222. The semicolon terminates a SQL statement (and executes it).

46223. SQLPlus is a text editor.

46224. When you type Start FILENAME, the statement in your file will be executed automatically.

46225. You can check on the status of tables with the DESCRIBE or DESC command.

46226. Oracle directly supports the definition of surrogate keys.

46227. When you type into SQLPlus and press enter, the statement will be finished and executed.

46228. Oracle allows the ORDER BY clause in view definitions.

46229. Oracle does NOT support a CASCADE UPDATE constraint.

46230. Sequences guarantee valid surrogate key values.

46231. Oracle will let you define Notepad as your default editor, and whenever you type NOTEPAD, SQLPlus will invoke Notepad.

46232. Oracle commands, column names, table names, view names and all other database elements are case sensitive.

46233. If there is only one statement and no ambiguity about what is wanted, Oracle will treat the semicolon and slash as the same.

46234. The only time that case matters is inside quotation marks of strings.

46235. You can use the DROP statement to remove structures from the database.

46236. Oracle, the world's most popular DBMS, is powerful and robust, running on many different operating systems.

46237. What type of failure occurs when Oracle fails due to an operating system or computer hardware failure?

46238. Which statement about sequences is not true?

46239. Which prefixes are available to Oracle triggers?

46240. In creating a procedure, you may get a message if you have compile errors. Which of the following is true?

46241. Which of the following is not true about indexes?

46242. Which of the following axle shaft has to take full load?

46243. Aspect ratio of tyre is its:

46244. In a tyre it is designated as ‘P200/775 R 16’,What is the digit 200?

46245. What is the symptom of atmospheric air enter the water cooling system of a multi cylinder diesel engine?

46246. What is the CC value of new TATA Nano Gen X Easy shift car?

46247. Which type of SQL Server cursor concurrency places an update lock on a row when the row is read?

46248. Which of the three possible types of triggers does SQL Server support?

46249. Which of the following is a way to create and modify tables using SQL Server?

46250. With which type of SQL Server recovery model, is no logging done?

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