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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 951

47551. Convert each of the decimal numbers to 8-bit two's-complement form and then perform subtraction by taking the two's-complement and adding.

47552. Adding in binary, a decimal 26 + 27 will produce a sum of:

47553. Convert each of the following signed binary numbers (two's-complement) to a signed decimal number. 00000101        11111100        11111000

47554. How many basic binary subtraction operations are possible?

47555. If [A] = 1011 1010, [B] = 0011 0110, and [C] = [A] • [B], what is [C 4..2] in decimal?

47556. Using 4-bit adders to create a 1See Section 6-bit adder:

47557. When performing subtraction by addition in the 2's-complement system:

47558. The two's-complement system is to be used to add the signed numbers 11110010 and 11110011. Determine, in decimal, the sign and value of each number and their sum.

47559. When 1100010 is divided by 0101, what is the decimal remainder?

47560. One way to make a four-bit adder perform subtraction is by:

47561. What is the most important operation in binary-coded decimal (BCD) arithmetic?

47562. The range of positive numbers when using an eight-bit two's-complement system is:

47563. What are the two types of basic adder circuits?

47564. The truth table for a full adder is shown below. What are the values of X, Y, and Z?

47565. A half-adder circuit would normally be used each time a carry input is required in an added circuit.

47566. If B[7..0] = 10100101, what is the value of B[6..2]?

47567. How many inputs must a full-adder have?

47568. Is an offence under Se477 of IPC

47569. Determine the two's-complement of each binary number. 00110        00011        11101

47570. Solve this binary problem: 01110010 – 01001000 =

47571. What distinguishes the look-ahead-carry adder?

47572. Solve this binary problem:

47573. Half-adders can be combined to form a full-adder with no additional gates.

47574. Perform the following hex subtraction: ACE16 – 99916 =

47575. Which of the following is correct for full adders?

47576. Convert each of the signed decimal numbers to an 8-bit signed binary number (two's-complement). +7        –3        –12

47577. What is one disadvantage of the ripple-carry adder?

47578. Solve this binary problem: 01000110 ÷ 00001010 =

47579. Divide the following binary numbers.

47580. Convert the decimal numbers 275 and 965 to binary-coded decimal (BCD) and add. Select the BCD code groups that reflect the final answer.

47581. When multiplying 13 × 11 in binary, what is the third partial product?

47582. How many BCD adders would be required to add the numbers 97310 + 3910?

47583. The selector inputs to an arithmetic/logic unit (ALU) determine the:

47584. What is wrong, if anything, with the circuit in the given figure based on the logic analyzer display accompanying the circuit?

47585. Which of the statements below best describes the given figure?

47586. An 8-bit register may provide storage for two's-complement codes within which decimal range?

47587. A full-adder adds ________.

47588. The carry propagation delay in 4-bit full-adder circuits:

47589. An input to the mode pin of an arithmetic/logic unit (ALU) determines if the function will be:

47590. Could the sum output of a full-adder be used as a two-bit parity generator?

47591. In VHDL, what is a GENERATE statement?

47592. Binary subtraction of a decimal 15 from 43 will utilize which two's complement?

47593. Which of the following is the primary advantage of using binary-coded decimal (BCD) instead of straight binary coding?

47594. The contributors of Co-operative idea in England by Robert Owen and:

47595. Convert each of the decimal numbers to two's-complement form and perform the addition in binary. +13 –10 add –7 add +15

47596. Add the following binary numbers. 0010 0110   0011 1011   0011 1100 +0101 0101   +0001 1110   +0001 1111

47597. The carry propagation delay in full-adder circuits:

47598. What is the difference between a full-adder and a half-adder?

47599. The summing outputs of a half- or full-adder are designated by which Greek symbol?

47600. Subtract the following hexadecimal numbers. 47   34   FA –25   –1C   –2F

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