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49401. What is the minimum voltage required before a diode will allow current to flow between the cathode and the anode?

49402. What is the advantage of using serial data transmission over parallel data transmission?

49403. Who wrote the book”India ‘s Biggest Cover-up”discussing controversy surrounding Shbhas Chandra Bose’s death?

49404. What is the advantage of using CMOS logic over TTL?

49405. What is used to graphically show the time relationship between two or more digital waveforms?

49406. Determine the voltage on the collector Vc of the given transistor circuit.

49407. The period of a waveform is the percentage of time the signal is HIGH.

49408. What is a disadvantage of CMOS in place of TTL?

49409. The units for the HIGH time for a periodic wave are ________.

49410. Precise timing is not important in digital signals.

49411. A plot of voltage versus time is called a timing diagram.

49412. The CMOS uses bipolar transistors instead of MOSFET.

49413. Most modern digital systems are based on semiconductor technology.

49414. The SO package is available for the most popular TTL and CMOS digital logic and analog IC devices.

49415. The ability to manufacture smaller, more dense components has been fulfilled by SMD.

49416. An electromechanical relay is operated manually.

49417. Serial communications cannot be sped up.

49418. Manual switches and relays have identical ON and OFF resistances.

49419. The frequency of the clock waveform is defined as the reciprocal of the clock period.

49420. Why does the TTL family use a totem-pole circuit on the output?

49421. What is the frequency of a clock waveform if the period of that waveform is 1.25 s?

49422. Why is the given circuit called an inverter?

49423. The hexadecimal number 4B16 is transmitted as an 8-bit word in parallel. What is the time required for this transmission if the clock frequency is 2.25 MHz?

49424. Internally, a computer's binary data are almost always transmitted on parallel channels, commonly referred to as the:

49425. The 8051 can handle ________ interrupt sources.

49426. The special function registers are maintained in the next 128 locations after the general-purpose data storage and stack.

49427. This statement will set the address of the bit to 1 (8051 Micro-controller): SETB 01H

49428. MOV A, @ R1 will:

49429. A label is used to name a single line of code.

49430. The following program will receive data from port 1, determine whether bit 2 is high, and then send the number FFH to port 3: READ: MOV A,P1 ANL A,#2H CJNE A,#02H,READ MOV P3,#FFH

49431. Device pins XTAL1 and XTAL2 for the 8051 are used for connections to an external oscillator or crystal.

49432. When the 8051 is reset and the line is HIGH, the program counter points to the first program instruction in the:

49433. An alternate function of port pin P3.4 in the 8051 is:

49434. Both registers TL0 and TL1 are needed to start Timer 0.

49435. The I/O ports that are used as address and data for external memory are:

49436. The last 96 locations in the internal data memory are reserved for general-purpose data storage and stack.

49437. Microcontrollers often have:

49438. The 8051 has ________ parallel I/O ports.

49439. The total external data memory that can be interfaced to the 8051 is:

49440. Which of the following instructions will load the value 35H into the high byte of timer 0?

49441. Bit-addressable memory locations are:

49442. The 8-bit address bus allows access to an address range of:

49443. The contents of the accumulator after this operation MOV A,#0BH ANL A,#2CH will be

49444. The start-conversion on the ADC0804 is done by using the:

49445. This program code will be executed once: STAT: MOV A, #01H  JNZ STAT

49446. Which of the following instructions will move the contents of register 3 to the accumulator?

49447. Which of the following statements will add the accumulator and register 3?

49448. Data transfer from I/O to external data memory can only be done with the MOV command.

49449. Which of the following commands will move the number 27H into the accumulator?

49450. This program code will read data from port 0 and write it to port 2, and it will stop looping when bit 3 of port 2 is set: STAT: MOV A, PO  MOV P2,A  JNB P2.3, STAT

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