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1. When a current source I is suddenly connected across a two terminal relaxed RC circuit at time t = 0, the voltage across the current source is shown in figure. The RC circuit is

2. Buddhism and Jainism both gave stress on?

3. and i(t) is a unit step, then V(t) in the steady state is given by

4. For a transmission line open circuit and short circuit impedances are 20 Ω and 5 Ω. Then characteristic impedance is

5. The terms RMS and average values apply only to sine waves.

6. The drift velocity of electrons is

7. Wave A = 100 sin ωt and wave B = 100 cos ωt. Then

8. Z(c) for the network shown in the figure is The value of C and R are, respectively

9. In an R-C series circuit excited by a voltage E, the charge across capacitor at t = 0+ is

10. Two networks are cascaded through an ideal buffer. If td1 and td2 are delay times of network, the overall delay time is

11. A series RC circuit has R = 5 Ω and C = 10 μF. The current in the circuit is 5 sin 20000t. The applied voltage is

12. A capacitor stores 0.15C at 5 V. Its capacitance is

13. A 0.5 μF capacitor is connected across a 10 V battery. After a long time, the circuit current and voltage across capacitor will be

14. For node 1 in figure, KCL equation is

15. In the circuit of figure, the switch is closed at t = 0. At t = 0+ the current through C is

16. A cable has an insulation resistance of 1010 ohms. If the length is doubled, the insulation resistance will be

17. , i(t) =

18. In the figure shown, A1, A2, A3 are identical Ammeters. If A1 and A3 read 5 and 13 A respectively, reading of A2 will be

19. Which of the following pairs are correctly matched? Brune's realisation : realisation with ideal transformer.Cauer realisation : ladder realisation.Bott Duffin realisation : with non ideal transformer. Select the answer using the following codes:

20. The synthesis of minimum function was suggested by

21. C = (2) (energy)/V2

22. A 3 phase balanced supply feeds 3 phase unbalanced load. Power supplied to the load can be measured by using 2 wattmeterone wattmeter3 wattmeter Which of the above statements is correct?

23. Which of the following is correct for a driving point functions?

24. An infinite ladder is constructed with 1 Ω and 2 Ω resistors shown below.

25. In the circuit of figure the voltage across capacitor when switch is closed at t = ∞ is

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