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1. When a 4.7 F capacitor is connected to a 1 kHz source, what is its capacitive reactance?

2. What is the total capacitance?

3. What is this circuit?

4. After which time constant can a capacitor be considered to be fully charged?

5. You could increase the time constant of an RC circuit by

6. A capacitor's rate of charge is considered:

7. A resistor and an output capacitor form a series circuit with a square wave applied. The circuit is:

8. If an open capacitor is checked with an ohmmeter, the needle will:

9. What is the circuit's total current?

10. As a capacitor is being charged, current flowing into the capacitor will:

11. What is the phase shift between the voltage across the resistor and the voltage from the source?

12. A capacitor stores energy within a dielectric between the conducting plates in the form of:

13. As a capacitor is being charged, the voltage across its terminals will:

14. With a 500 kHz signal source, what would be the value of a capacitor yielding a capacitive reactance of 1 k ?

15. After a capacitor has charged for 1 tc, what percentage of current remains in the resistor?

16. If a current of 40 mA flows through a series circuit consisting of a 0.4 F capacitor and a resistor in series with a 4 kHz, 40 Vac source, what is the total circuit impedance?

17. What is the capacitance of the circuit shown in the given circuit?

18. In an ac circuit, an output capacitor and a resistor are connected in series with an ac signal. What filter action will be the result?

19. What is the total opposition to current in a series RC circuit called?

20. In a capacitive circuit, current flow is limited to

21. What circuit has the following frequency response?

22. A capacitor is constructed of two parallel:

23. Which of the following determines the capacitance of a capacitor?

24. Most older types of paper capacitors have been replaced by which type of construction?

25. If C1, a 4.7 F capacitor, and C2, a 3.3 F capacitor are in series with 18 Vdc applied, what is the voltage across C1?

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