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1. When testing an n-channel D-MOSFET, resistance G to D = , resistance G to S = , resistance D to SS = and 500 , depending on the polarity of the ohmmeter, and resistance D to S = 500 . What is wrong?

2. In the constant-current region, how will the IDS change in an n-channel JFET?

3. A MOSFET has how many terminals?

4. IDSS can be defined as:

5. What is the input impedance of a common-gate configured JFET?

6. JFET terminal "legs" are connections to the drain, the gate, and the:

7. A very simple bias for a D-MOSFET is called:

8. With the E-MOSFET, when gate input voltage is zero, drain current is:

9. With a 30-volt VDD, and an 8-kilohm drain resistor, what is the E-MOSFET Q point voltage, with ID = 3 mA?

10. When an input signal reduces the channel size, the process is called:

11. Which JFET configuration would connect a high-resistance signal source to a low-resistance load?

12. How will electrons flow through a p-channel JFET?

13. When VGS = 0 V, a JFET is:

14. When applied input voltage varies the resistance of a channel, the result is called:

15. When is a vertical channel E-MOSFET used?

16. When the JFET is no longer able to control the current, this point is called the:

17. With a JFET, a ratio of output current change against an input voltage change is called:

18. Which type of JFET bias requires a negative supply voltage?

19. How will a D-MOSFET input impedance change with signal frequency?

20. The type of bias most often used with E-MOSFET circuits is:

21. The transconductance curve of a JFET is a graph of:

22. The common-source JFET amplifier has:

23. Using voltage-divider biasing, what is the voltage at the gate VGS?

24. The overall input capacitance of a dual-gate D-MOSFET is lower because the devices are usually connected:

25. What is the transconductance of an FET when ID = 1 mA and VGS = 1 V?

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