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1. FFC stands for

2. Fastest shorthand writer was

3. Epsom (England) is the place associated with

4. First human heart transplant operation conducted by Dr. Christiaan Barnard on Louis Washkansky, was conducted in

5. Galileo was an Italian astronomer who

6. Habeas Corpus Act 1679

7. Exposure to sunlight helps a person improve his health because

8. Golf player Vijay Singh belongs to which country?

9. Guarantee to an exporter that the importer of his goods will pay immediately for the goods ordered by him, is known as

10. First Afghan War took place in

11. Gulf cooperation council was originally formed by

12. First China War was fought between

13. Dumping is

14. For the Olympics and World Tournaments, the dimensions of basketball court are

15. Federation Cup, World Cup, Allywyn International Trophy and Challenge Cup are awarded to winners of

16. Each year World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day is celebrated on

17. Famous sculptures depicting art of love built some time in 950 AD ? 1050 AD are

18. Gravity setting chambers are used in industries to remove

19. Guwahati High Court is the judicature of

20. Friction can be reduced by changing from

21. During eleventh Antarctic Expedition in Nov. 1991/March 1992 ____ was installed.

22. From the following, choose the set in which names of Secretary-Generals of the UNO are arranged in correct chronological order?

23. Fire temple is the place of worship of which of the following religion?

24. Film and TV institute of India is located at

25. Georgia, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan became the members of UNO in

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