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1. Statement: Most of those who study in premier engineering colleges in India migrate to developed nations for better prospects in their professional pursuits. Courses of Action: All the students joining these colleges should be asked to sign a bond at the time of admission to the effect that they will remain in India at least for ten years after they complete education. All those students who desire to settle in the developed nations should be asked to pay entire cost of their education which the government subsidises.

2. Statement: There is an unprecedented increase in migration of villagers to urban areas as repeated crop failure has put them into precarious financial situation. Courses of Action: The villagers should be provided with alternate source of income in their villages which will make them stay put. The migrated villagers should be provided with jobs in the urban areas to help them survive.

3. Statement: As stated in the recent census report the female to male ratio is alarmingly low. Courses of Action: The government should conduct another census to verify the results. The government should immediately issue orders to all the departments to encourage people to improve the ratio.

4. Statement: Four districts in State A have been experiencing severe drought for the last three years resulting into exodus of people from these districts. Courses of Action: The government should immediately start food for work programme in the district to put a halt to the exodus. The government should make since efforts to provide drinking/potable water to these districts

5. Statement: If the retired Professors of the same Institutes are also invited to deliberate on restructuring of the organisation, their contribution may be beneficial to the Institute. Courses of Action: Management may seek opinion of the employees before calling retired professors. Management should involve experienced people for the systematic restructuring of the organisation.

6. Statement: The sale of a particular product has gone down considerably causing great concern to the company. Courses of Action: The company should make a proper study of rival products in the market. The price of the product should be reduced and quality improved.

7. Statement: The Asian Development Bank has approved a $285 million loan to finance a project to construct coal ports by Paradip and Madras Port Trusts. Courses of Action: India should use financial assistance from other international financial organisations to develop such ports in other places. India should not seek such financial assistance from the international financial agencies.

8. Statement: Doordarshan is concerned about the quality of its programmes particularly in view of stiff competition it is facing from STAR and other satellite TV channels and is contemplating various measures to attract talent for its programmes. Courses of Action: In an effort to attract talent, the Doordarshan has decided to revise its fee structure for the artists. The fee structure should not be revised until other electronic media also revise it.

9. Statement: The Minister said that the teachers are still not familiarised with the need, importance and meaning of population education in the higher education system. They are not even clearly aware about their role and responsibilities in the population education programme. Courses of Action: Population education programme should be included in the college curriculum. Orientation programme should be conducted for teachers on population education

10. Statement: A recent study shows that children below five die in the cities of the developing countries mainly from diarrhoea and parasitic intestinal worms. Courses of Action: Governments of the developing countries should take adequate measures to improve the hygienic conditions in the cities. Children below five years in the cities of the developing countries need to be kept under periodic medical check-up.

11. Statement: The kharif crops have been affected by the insects for consecutive three years in the district and the farmers harvested less than fifty percent of produce during these years. Courses of Action: The farmers should seek measures to control the attack of insects to protect their crops next year. The Government should increase the support price of kharif crops considerably to protect the economic interests of farmers.

12. Statement: The car dealer found that there was a tremendous response for the new XYZ's car-booking with long queues of people complaining about the duration of business hours and arrangements. Courses of Action: People should make their arrangement of lunch and snacks while going for car XYZ's booking and be ready to spend several hours. Arrangement should be made for more booking desks and increased business hours to serve more people in less time.

13. Statement: The State Government has decided to declare 'Kala Azar' as a notifiable disease under the Epidemics Act. Family members or neighbours of the patient are liable to be punished in case they did not inform the State authorities. Courses of Action: Efforts should be made to effectively implement the Act. The cases of punishment should be propagated through mass media so that more people become aware of the stern actions.

14. Statement: The Chairman stressed the need for making education system more flexible and regretted that the curriculum has not been revised in keeping with the pace of the changes taking place. Courses of Action: Curriculum should be reviewed and revised periodically. System of education should be made more flexible.

15. Statement: The Central Bureau of Investigation receives the complaint of an officer taking bribe to do the duty he is supposed to. Courses of Action: CBI should try to catch the officer red-handed and then take a strict action against him. CBI should wait for some more complaints about the officer to be sure about the matter.

16. Statement: The Indian electronic component industry venturing into the West European markets faces tough competition from the Japanese. Courses of Action: India should search for other international markets for its products. India should improve the quality of the electronic components to compete with the Japanese in capturing these markets.

17. Statement: Orissa and Andhra Pradesh have agreed in principle to set up a joint control board for better control, management and productivity of several inter-state multipurpose projects. Courses of Action: Other neighbouring states should set up such control boards. The proposed control board should not be allowed to function as such joint boards are always ineffective.

18. Statement: The Government has decided not to provide financial support to voluntary organisations from next Five Year Plan and has communicated that all such organisations should raise funds to meet their financial needs. Courses of Action: Voluntary organisations should collaborate with foreign agencies. They should explore other sources of financial support.

19. Statement: The availability of imported fruits has increased in the indigenous market and so the demand for indigenous fruits has been decreased. Courses of Action: To help the indigenous producers of fruits, the Government should impose high import duty on these fruits, even if these are not of good quality. The fruit vendors should stop selling imported fruits. So that the demand for indigenous fruits would be increased.

20. Statement: There has been an unprecedented increase in the number of successful candidates in this year's School Leaving Certificate Examination. Courses of Action: The government should make arrangements to increase number of seats of intermediate courses in existing colleges. The government should take active steps to open new colleges to accommodate all these successful candidates.

21. Statement: On an average, about twenty people are run over by trains and die every day while crossing the railway tracks through the level crossing. Courses of Action: The railway authorities should be instructed to close all the level crossings. Those who are found crossing the tracks, when the gates are closed, should be fined heavily

22. Statement: Majority of the students in many schools do not pass in the final examination. Courses of Action: These schools should be closed down as these have become unproductive. The teachers of these schools should immediately be retrenched.

23. Statement: In spite of the Principal's repeated warnings, a child was caught exploding crackers secretly in the school. Courses of Action: All the crackers should be taken away from the child and he should be threatened not to do it again. The child should be severely punished for his wrong act.

24. Statement: It is necessary to adopt suitable measures to prevent repetition of bad debts by learning from the past experiences of mounting non-performing assets of banks. Courses of Action: Before granting loan to customers their eligibility for loan should be evaluated strictly. To ensure the payment of instalments of loan, the work, for which loan was granted, should be supervised minutely on regular basis.

25. Statement: A very large number of students have failed in the final high school examination due to faulty questions in one of the subjects. Courses of Action: All the students who have failed in the subject should be allowed to take supplementary examination. All those who are responsible for the error should be suspended and an enquiry should be initiated to find out the facts.

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