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1. Statements: All roads are waters. Some waters are boats. Conclusions: Some boats are roads. All waters are boats.

2. Statements: No bat is ball. No ball is wicket. Conclusions: No bat is wicket. All wickets are bats.

3. Statements: All flowers are trees. No fruit is tree. Conclusions: No fruit is flower. Some trees are flowers.

4. Statements: Every minister is a student. Every student is inexperienced. Conclusions: Every minister is inexperienced. Some inexperienced are students.

5. Statements: All roads are poles. No pole is a house. Conclusions: Some roads are houses. Some houses are poles.

6. Statements: All fish are tortoise. No tortoise is a crocodile. Conclusions: No crocodile is a fish. No fish is a crocodile.

7. Statements: Some dedicated souls are angels. All social workers are angels. Conclusions: Some dedicated souls are social workers. Some social workers are dedicated souls.

8. Statements: No gentleman is poor. All gentlemen are rich. Conclusions: No poor man is rich. No rich man is poor.

9. Statements: Some swords are sharp. All swords are rusty Conclusions: Some rusty things are sharp. Some rusty things are not sharp.

10. Statements: All fishes are grey in colour. Some fishes are heavy. Conclusions: All heavy fishes are grey in colour. All light fishes are not grey in colour.

11. Statements: All good athletes win. All good athletes eat well. Conclusions: All those who eat well are good athletes. All those who win eat well.

12. Statements: All film stars are playback singers. All film directors are film stars. Conclusions: All film directors are playback singers. Some film stars are film directors.

13. Statements: All hill stations have a sun-set point. X is a hill station. Conclusions: X has a sun-set point. Places other than hill stations do not have sun-set points.

14. Statements: Some dreams are nights. Some nights are days. Conclusions: All days are either nights or dreams. Some days are nights.

15. Statements: All jungles are tigers. Some tigers are horses. Conclusions: Some horses are jungles. No horse is jungle.

16. Statements: All poles are guns. Some boats are not poles. Conclusions: All guns are boats. Some boats are not guns.

17. Statements: Many scooters are trucks. All trucks are trains. Conclusions: Some scooters are trains. No truck is a scooter.

18. Statements: Some papers are pens. Angle is a paper. Conclusions: Angle is not a pen. Angle is a pen.

19. Statements: All birds are tall. Some tall are hens. Conclusions: Some birds are hens. Some hens are tall.

20. Statements: Some papers are pens. Some pencils are pens. Conclusions: Some pens are pencils. Some pens are papers.

21. Statements: Some men are educated. Educated persons prefer small families. Conclusions: All small families are educated. Some men prefer small families.

22. Statements: All educated people read newspapers. Rahul does not read newspaper. Conclusions: Rahul is not educated. Reading newspaper is not essential to be educated.

23. Statements: All pens are chalks. All chairs are chalks. Conclusions: Some pens are chairs. Some chalks are pens.

24. Statements: Bureaucrats marry only intelligent girls. Tanya is very intelligent. Conclusions: Tanya will marry a bureaucrat. Tanya will not marry a bureaucrat.

25. Statements: Some engineers are fools. Anand is an engineer. Conclusions: Some fools are engineers. Anand is a fool.

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