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1. Statement: The State government has decided to appoint four thousand primary school teachers during the next financial year. Assumptions: There are enough schools in the state to accommodate four thousand additional primary school teachers. The eligible candidates may not be interested to apply as the government may not finally appoint such a large number of primary school teachers.

2. Statement: A warning in a train compartment - "To stop train, pull chain. Penalty for improper use Rs. 500." Assumptions: Some people misuse the alarm chain. On certain occasions, people may want to stop a running train.

3. Statement: If it is easy to become an engineer, I don't want to be an engineer. Assumptions: An individual aspires to be professional. One desires to achieve a thing which is hard earned.

4. Statement: The concession in rail fares for the journey to hill stations has been cancelled because it is not needed for people who can spend their holidays there. Assumptions: Railways should give concession only to needy persons. Railways should not encourage people to spend their holidays at hill stations.

5. Statement: "The bridge was built at the cost of Rs. 128 crores and even civil bus service is not utilizing it, what a pity to see it grossly underutilized." - A citizen's view on a new flyover linking east and west sides of a suburb. Assumptions: The building of such bridges does not serve any public objective. There has to be some accountability and utility of money spent on public projects.

6. Statement: The Government has decided to levy 2 percent on the tax amount payable for funding drought relief programmes. Assumptions: The Government does not have sufficient money to fund drought relief programmes. The amount collected by way of surcharge may be adequate to fund these drought relief programmes.

7. Statement: Detergents should be used to clean clothes. Assumptions: Detergents form more lather. Detergents help to dislodge grease and dirt.

8. Statement: It will be a substantial achievement in the field of education if one provides one school for every village in our country and enforce attendance. Assumptions: Children in villages do not attend school regularly. Providing school to every village is desirable.

9. Statement: The government has decided to disinvest large chunk of its equity in select public sector undertakings for a better fiscal management. Assumptions: The amount generated out of the disinvestment process may reduce substantially the mounting fiscal deficits. There will be enough demand in the market for the shares of these undertakings.

10. Statement: Never before such a lucid book was available on the topic. Assumptions: Some other books were available on this topic. You can write lucid books on very few topics.

11. Statement: Please do not use lift while going down - an instruction on the top floor of a five-storey building. Assumptions: While going down, the lift is unable to carry any load. Provision of lift is a matter of facility and not of right.

12. Statement: "I have not received telephone bills for nine months inspite of several complaints" - A telephone customer's letter to the editor of a daily Assumptions: Every customer has a right to get bills regularly from the telephone company. The customer's complaints point to defect in the services which are expected to be corrected.

13. Statement: "This drink can be had either as it is, or after adding ice to it." - An advertisement. Assumptions: People differ in their preferences. Some people will get attracted to the drink as it can be had as it is.

14. Statement: Government has permitted unaided colleges to increase their fees. Assumptions: Unaided colleges are in financial difficulties. Aided colleges do not need to increase fees.

15. Statement: Be humble even after being victorious. Assumptions: Many people are humble after being victorious. Generally people are not humble.

16. Statement: The government has decided to pay compensation to the tune of Rs. 1 lakh to the family members of those who are killed in railway accidents. Assumptions: The government has enough funds to meet the expenses due to compensation. There may be reduction in incidents of railway accidents in near future.

17. Statement: Films have become indispensable for the entertainment of people. Assumptions: Films are the only media of entertainment. People enjoy films.

18. Statement: Of all the newspapers published in Mumbai, readership of the "Times" is the largest in the Metropolis. Assumptions: 'Times' is not popular in mofussil areas. 'Times' has the popular feature of cartoons on burning social and political issues.

19. Statement: Apart from the entertainment value of television, its educational value cannot be ignored. Assumptions: People take television to be a means of entertainment only. The educational value of television is not realised properly.

20. Statement: Children are influenced more by their teachers nowadays. Assumptions: The children consider teachers as their models. A large amount of children's time is spent in school.

21. Statement: You know that your suit is excellent when people ask about your tailor who tailored the suit. Assumptions: People do not ask about your tailor if your suit is not good. The people want to know the criterion of an excellent suit.

22. Statement: His recent investment in the shares of Company A is only a gamble. Assumptions: He may incur loss on his investment. He may gain from his investment.

23. Statement: Why don't you go to the court if the employer does not pay you the Provident Fund contribution? Assumptions: Courts can intervene in matters of dispute between employer and employees. It is obligatory for the employer to pay the Provident Fund contribution to the employees.

24. Statement: 'Double your money in five months.' - An advertisement. Assumptions: The assurance is not genuine. People want their money to grow.

25. Statement: The education of a student at collegiate level, not taking into account maintenance expenses, costs four hundred rupees a year. Collegiate education is thus drawing heavily upon the national resources of an impoverished community. So college education should be restricted to a brilliant few. Assumptions: Our resources are very limited. Only a few students should be admitted to the colleges.

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