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1. Botulism is caused by the presence of toxin developed by

2. Which of the following is true to prevent botulism from smoked fish?

3. Salmonellois is caused by the

4. Group I C. botulinum strains generally includes in

5. The application of Gamma rays destroys botulism toxin. The dose of gamma rays required for this purpose is

6. Arrange the potencies of toxin in descending order of the following canned foods

7. The milk streptococci produce acetoin that gets spontaneously oxidized yielding a flavorings agent (responsible for aroma of butter) that is

8. The botulism intoxication occurs due to

9. The Bacillus cereus causes gasteroenteritis by the production of an exoenterotoxin which is released in food as a result of

10. Staphylococcal intoxication is caused by the toxin m the food from

11. Which of the following toxin causing botulism is less toxic to human beings?

12. Which of the following is a food infection?

13. The staphylococcal intoxication refers to presence of

14. A bacterial food intoxication refers to

15. The method of successful treatment of botulism prior to appearance of botulism symptoms involve administration of

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