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64101. GUI stands for ?

Answer: Grapbical User Interface

64102. The Hundred years War (1338-1453) was fought between ?

Answer: England and France

64103. Name the only filmstar who became American President?

Answer: Ronald Reagan

64104. Who presided over the Aikya Kerala Conference held at Trichur in Apri I 1947?

Answer: K Kelappan.

64105. Who was the founder of Mangalam, a monthly, in 1969 from Kottayam?

Answer: M C Varghese

64106. National Environmental Engineering Institute is located at?

Answer: Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh).

64107. To which sector of the economy Agriculture; Forestry and Fishing; Mining and extraction of oil and gas belong?

Answer: Primary sector

64108. "The Great Temple of Abu Simbel" is known as the ?

Answer: Temple of the Rising Sun;

64109. The EMS Ministry was dismissed on?

Answer: On 31st July 1959

64110. Who is the author of “Mysterious Universe”?

Answer: James Jeans

64111. Who is the author of The Indian struggle ?

Answer: Subhash Chandra Bose

64112. Which is an association of the free nations which were previously the part of British Empire?

Answer: 'The Commonwealth of Nations'

64113. Who is the inventor of Dynamite?

Answer: Alfred Nobel

64114. Where was the first Post-Office in Travancore (also of Kerala) was opened in 1857 ?

Answer: Alleppey

64115. Spy organisation formed by Germany during the second world war?

Answer: Fifth Columists

64116. The word 'Cold War' was first coined by ?

Answer: Bernard Baruch in 1946

64117. Who is the author of "Benjamin Franklin"?

Answer: Swadeshabhimani Ramakrishnapilla

64118. Who is the creator of the famous character Don Quixote?

Answer: Cerventes

64119. Quinine; an alkaloid; extracted from the tree Cinchona Officianalis; is used to cure which disease?

Answer: Malaria

64120. Largest mammal (animal) is?

Answer: Blue Whale (wt. 209 tones)

64121. Who is the author of “Parakumbol”?

Answer: Madhavikutty (Kamala Surayya)

64122. Who is the author of Nehru: The Making of India?

Answer: MJ. Akbar

64123. Which was the first Indian pharamaceutical firm listed on New York Stock exchange?

Answer: Dr Reddy's Laboratories

64124. The fourth generation computer use ?

Answer: Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) normally called 'Miracle Chips'.

64125. Which is the first novel in Malayalam?

Answer: Kundalatha by Appu Nedungadi

64126. Paleobotany is the study of ?

Answer: Fossil plants

64127. Who is the author of “ Uppu “?

Answer: O.N.V Kurup

64128. Syphillis causing bacteria is ?

Answer: Treponena Pallidum

64129. Destruction of feudalism in France was the direct result of ?

Answer: French Revolution

64130. Seed dormancy is due to ?

Answer: Abscisic acid

64131. Who was the British Prime Minister during the First World War?

Answer: Lloyd George

64132. RTF stands for?

Answer: Rich Text Format

64133. ‘Causes of differential rent’ was explained by?

Answer: David Ricardo

64134. Manufacturing of urea takes place in ?

Answer: Liver

64135. Who is the author of “Resurrection”?

Answer: Leo Tolstoy

64136. National Physical Laboratory is located at?

Answer: New Delhi (Delhi).

64137. Who is the author of “The Great Indian Novel God's Own Country”?

Answer: Shashi Tharoor

64138. Who is the author of “Oru Deshthinte Katha”?

Answer: S K Pottekadu

64139. Who is the author of “ An Equal Music”?

Answer: Vikram Seth

64140. Who is the inventor of Pneumatic Tyre?

Answer: Dunlop

64141. The policy adopted by Otto Von Bismark for the unification of Germany is known as ?

Answer: 'Blood and Iron Policy'

64142. A computer framed to give various network services is called?

Answer: Server

64143. Who opened the Trivandrum observatory in 1836?

Answer: Swathi Thirunal

64144. In which year Julius Caesar captured England ?

Answer: BC 55

64145. Who was the strongest of the Persian rulers?

Answer: Cyrus

64146. Fidel Castro came to power in Cuba in?

Answer: 1959

64147. City of Golden Gate?

Answer: San Francisco (USA)

64148. What is the name of the improved steam locomotive invented in 1814 by George Stephenson?

Answer: Rocket

64149. Who is the author of “Indo-Pakistan Conflict”?

Answer: The Russel Brines

64150. What is the name of the first cloned cat?

Answer: Carbon copy ( in 2001; at Texas)
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