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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1281

64051. Who is the author of Stolen Harvest ?

Answer: Vandana Siva

64052. Name the equally holy place for the Jews; the Christians and the Muslims?

Answer: Jerusalem

64053. Who is the author of Grub Street?

Answer: Henry Fielding

64054. Scindia Gold Cup is associated with?

Answer: Hockey

64055. National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO)was established in the year?

Answer: 1992

64056. Who was the only woman Minister in the first Ministry in Kerala?

Answer: K.R Gauri

64057. Who established the first printing press in England in 1477?

Answer: William Caxton

64058. Litmus is obtained from?

Answer: Lichen

64059. Who is the author of “Sursatia”?

Answer: Bimal Mitra

64060. Venice of the East?

Answer: Bangkok

64061. Who is the author of Gulliver's Travels?

Answer: Jonathan Swift

64062. The Currency of Nicaragua?

Answer: New Cordoba

64063. Headquarters of UNIDO is at?

Answer: Vienna (Austria)

64064. Computer Literacy Day is on?

Answer: 2-Dec

64065. Who is the creator of the famous characters "Beeman; Vimala"?

Answer: M.T. Vasudevan Nair

64066. Who is the author of Ethics for New Millennium ?

Answer: Dalai Lama

64067. Ezra Cup is associated with?

Answer: Polo

64068. City of Ghats & Temples?

Answer: Varanasi

64069. In which year Kerala Government proclaimed tourism as an industry?

Answer: 1986

64070. The Indian Institute of Management (IIM)was registered at Kozhikode on?

Answer: 22-Aug-96

64071. Largest Electorate?

Answer: India

64072. Open Door Policy was introduced by?

Answer: USA

64073. The Capital of Byelorussia?

Answer: Minsk

64074. A genuine lover of books is called?

Answer: Bibliophile

64075. Who invented camera phone?

Answer: Philipcan

64076. Who is the author of “Agnisakshi”?

Answer: Lalitham bika Antharjenam

64077. Milk is a rich source of all vitamins except ?

Answer: Vitamin C.

64078. Who is the author of “Ramayana Maharishi”?

Answer: Valmiki

64079. Who is the author of Deadly Embrace - Pakistan; America and The Future of the Global Jihad?

Answer: Bruce Riedel

64080. Hero in Iliad is?

Answer: Achilles

64081. Who is the author of “Malavikagnimitra”?

Answer: Kalidas

64082. Who is the author of “ The Enigma of Arrival”?

Answer: V.S.Naipaul

64083. First Steam Locomotive' was invented by?

Answer: Trevithick in 1800

64084. The quantity of blood taken at a time of blood donation is only?

Answer: 300 ml

64085. Who is the author of “Tyagpatra”?

Answer: Jainendra

64086. Thirayattom is performed as part of festive celebrations in Kavus in?

Answer: Central Malabar

64087. Who is the author of “Viceroy’s Journal”?

Answer: Penderal Moon

64088. Who is the author of “Crossing the Threshold of Hope”?

Answer: Pope John Paul II

64089. First Kerala woman to receive Arjuna Award was?

Answer: K C Aelamma

64090. The year and place in which Pakistan carried out five nuclear tests is?

Answer: On 28 and 30 may 1998 in the desert of Baluchistan at the Chagai Hills

64091. Which was the first school for girls in South India?

Answer: Holly Angles Convent started in 1880 in Thiruvananthapuram

64092. In India rolling plan was implemented by?

Answer: Janata Party Government

64093. Bacteria were first observed by ?

Answer: Anton Von Leeuwenhoek in 1676.

64094. Vermiculture is?

Answer: Breeding of worms useful to farmers.

64095. The weight of liver in man is about ?

Answer: 1.5kg.

64096. Who is the author of Paradise Lost ?

Answer: John Milton

64097. Who is the author of “Rathrimazha”?

Answer: Sugathakumari

64098. Who performed India's first heart transplantation on 3rd August 1994?

Answer: Dr. Venugopal of All India Institute of Medical Science

64099. Hanging Valleys?

Answer: Valley of Switzerland

64100. Who is the author of The Irving Stone ?

Answer: Arthur Halley
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