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67651. Who is the author of In Search of Gandhi ?

Answer: Richard Attenborough

67652. The delegates send each other by Common Wealth Countries are known as ?

Answer: High Commissioners

67653. Who is the author of “Road to Folly”?

Answer: Leslie Ford

67654. Who is the inventor of Automobile (gasoline)?

Answer: Daimler

67655. Who is the inventor of Watch (winding)?

Answer: Greguet

67656. Central Food Technological Research Institute is located at?

Answer: Mysore (Karnataka).

67657. ……is the immediate convertability into cash without significant loss of value?

Answer: Liquidity

67658. Value and Capital was written by ?

Answer: John R. Hicks

67659. Who is the author of “The Fury”?

Answer: Salman Rushdie

67660. Money market trades in short-term financial instruments commonly called?

Answer: "paper"

67661. Who is known as the 'Father of Ecology in India ?

Answer: Prof. R Mishra

67662. Vitamin B7 is also called?

Answer: Biotin

67663. The colour of blood is due to?

Answer: Haemoglobin

67664. Calicut University was founded in?

Answer: 1968

67665. Which ruler who ruled Japan during the 16th Century is known as 'Napolean of Japan'?

Answer: Iasu Tokugama

67666. Who is the author of “A Tale of Two Cities”?

Answer: Charles Dickens

67667. Who is the author of “Travels with a Donkey”?

Answer: R.L.Stevenson

67668. Bharathappuzha originates from?

Answer: Anaimalai Hills in the Western Ghats

67669. Who is the author of “Gulliver's Travels”?

Answer: Jonathan Swift

67670. A.T.P (Adenosine Tri phosphate) synthesise is the function of?

Answer: Mitochondria

67671. Sheesh Mahal Trophy is associated with?

Answer: Cricket

67672. Well known Greek dramatists are ?

Answer: Aeschylus; Sophocles; Euripides and Aristophanes.

67673. It is believed that Parasurama divided Kerala into 64 villages and donated them to?

Answer: Brahmins.

67674. Pollination by animals is called ?

Answer: Zoophily

67675. Who is the author of Dynamics of Social Change ?

Answer: Chandra Shekar

67676. Which district is known as the headquarters of pilgrimage tourism?

Answer: Pathanamthitta

67677. Name the residence of British Monarch?

Answer: Buckingham Palace

67678. The Currency of Indonesia?

Answer: Rupiah

67679. The division of nucleus of a Cell is known as ?

Answer: Mitosis (Karyokinesis)

67680. Greatest of the Persian rulers was?

Answer: Darius I

67681. Who is the author of “Bachelor of Arts”?

Answer: R.K. Narayan

67682. Who is the inventor of Laughing Gas?

Answer: Priestley

67683. Who is the author of Tess of the d'Urberville?

Answer: Thomas Hardy

67684. Which is India's first animation park?

Answer: Kinfra Animation Park; Thiruvanathapuram

67685. Who constructed the 'Nedumkotta' or 'Travancore lines' in central Kerala in central Kerala to prevent the Mysore invasion?

Answer: Dharmaraja

67686. Who invented the Compact Disc?

Answer: James T. Russell

67687. Who is the author of The Garden of Solitude ?

Answer: Siddhartha Gigoo

67688. Who is the author of "What Went Wrong?

Answer: Kiran Bedi

67689. Who is the author of “Vanity of Human Wishes”?

Answer: Samuel Johnson

67690. Vasco Da Gama was buried in 1524 at?

Answer: St. Francis Church

67691. Who is the author of “Gitanjali”?

Answer: Rabindranath Tagore

67692. Longest Canal (India)?

Answer: Saradha Canal (Uttar Pradesh)

67693. Vitamin B5 is also called?

Answer: Pantothenic acid

67694. Who is the author of “A Suitable Boy”?

Answer: Vikram Seth

67695. Name the digestive enzyme that converts Lactose to glucose is ?

Answer: Lactase

67696. Christianity was introduced in Kerala in the first century AD (52 AD) by?

Answer: St. Thomas.

67697. In Kerala Lok Adalat is conducted by?

Answer: Kerala State Legal Services Authority

67698. "Gora; Chitra; Rehman; Mini"

Answer: Rabindranath Tagore

67699. Plants which grow in saline water are called?

Answer: Halophytes.

67700. Dungi was the most important ruler of the?

Answer: Sumerians
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