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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1410

70501. Who is the author of “Doctor Fuustus”?

Answer: Christopher Marlowe

70502. The Currency of China (People's)?

Answer: Yuan

70503. Who is the author of “Comedy of Errors”?

Answer: William Shakespeare

70504. The Capital of Puerto Rico?

Answer: San Juan

70505. Who is known as the major proponent of free market; arguing against government intervention in a market economy?

Answer: Milton Friedman

70506. Who was the youngest Chief Minister of Kerala?

Answer: A.K.Antony (37)

70507. Indian National Congress started its activities in Travancore during the reign of ?

Answer: Sri Mulam Thirunal.

70508. Which disease is known as Silent Killer ?

Answer: High blood pressure (Hypertension)

70509. First Governor General of Pakistan?

Answer: Mohammed Ali Jinnah

70510. Who is the author of “Some Inner Fury”?

Answer: Kamala Markandaya

70511. The rate at which World Bank provides loan to underdeveloped countries is?

Answer: 5.50%

70512. Who is the author of “ Erne Uppuppaku oru aana undayirunnu “?

Answer: Vaikom Muhammed Basheer

70513. Old Secretariat complex started functioning on?

Answer: 23 August 1869

70514. Who is the author of “Dr.Zhivago”?

Answer: Boris Pasternak

70515. Who is the author of “Death of a President”?

Answer: William Manchester

70516. In which year the Kunjali IV; Muhammed Kunjali was captured by the Zamorin and executed by the Portuguese?

Answer: 1600 AD

70517. Charles Darwin published his theory of Evolution in his famous book ?

Answer: On the Origin of Species (1859)

70518. Ayyankali He died at the Age of 77on?

Answer: 18 June 1941.

70519. Which is the first tobacco free district in India?

Answer: Kottayam

70520. Natural sandalwood forests of Kerala is located at?

Answer: Marayur.

70521. Who discovered Smallpox Vaccine (1796)?

Answer: Edward Jenner

70522. The only district in Kerala where garlic is cultivated?

Answer: Idukki

70523. Who is the author of “The Inheritance of Loss”?

Answer: Kiran Desai

70524. The Capital of St. Vincent & The Grenadines?

Answer: Kingstown

70525. Who is the author of “A Passage to England”?

Answer: Nirad C.Chowdhury

70526. The scientific name of Cat is?

Answer: Felis domesticus

70527. National Literacy Mission (NLM)was launched in?

Answer: 1998

70528. The concept of Rolling Plan was introduced by ?

Answer: Gunnar Myrdal in his famous work Asian Drama

70529. Who is the creator of the famous character “Christian”

Answer: John Bunyan.

70530. The Currency of Qatar?

Answer: Qatari Riyal

70531. Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) was formed in ?

Answer: 1964

70532. Euro coins and banknotes entered circulation on ?

Answer: 1st Jan 2002

70533. Who is the author of The Tempest;?

Answer: William Shakespeare

70534. Who is the author of “Tirayum Chuzhiyum”?

Answer: Prof. S. Guptan

70535. Who is the author of Rip Van Winkle?

Answer: Washington Irving

70536. First Indian to scale Mount Everest?

Answer: Phu Dorjee

70537. Who is the author of “ Odakkuzhal “?

Answer: G. Sankara Kurup

70538. The Versailles city is in ?

Answer: France near Paris

70539. Which was the first University in France?

Answer: Paris University

70540. Who is the author of “ A House for Mr. Biswas”?

Answer: V.S.Naipaul

70541. Who is the author of “His Excellency”?

Answer: Emile Zola

70542. Semitic; Hemitic and Indo-Europeans are the subgroups of which race ?

Answer: Caucasoid race

70543. The Capital of Dominica?

Answer: Roseau

70544. Who is the author of In Light of lndia?

Answer: Octavia Paz

70545. Which place is known as the Cultural Capital of Kerala ?

Answer: Thrissur.

70546. Who is the only person to hold the office of MLA; MP; Speaker; Minister; Deputy Chief Minister and Chief Minister?

Answer: C.H. Muhammad Koya.

70547. The term bank is derived from 'banco'; from ?

Answer: Italian word for 'bench'

70548. Name the machine used to break up kidneystones by ultra sound waves?

Answer: Lithotripter

70549. Kerala Minerals and Metals is at?

Answer: Chavara

70550. Who is the author of “Glimpses of World History”?

Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru
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