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71851. Who is the inventor of Arc Lamp?

Answer: C.F.Brush

71852. The Capital of Comoros?

Answer: Moroni

71853. Who was the first Rajya Sabha member to become the Chief Minister of Kerala?

Answer: C.Achuthamenon

71854. Excessive alcoholic consumption causes ?

Answer: Liver Cirrhosis

71855. Indian Cancer Research Centre is located in?

Answer: Mumbai

71856. The Capital of Tunisia?

Answer: Tunis

71857. The Currency of Guinea-Bissau?

Answer: Peso

71858. Which was the first Colour Film ?

Answer: Kandam Becha Coat

71859. Who is the author of “Human Factor”?

Answer: Graham Greene

71860. Who is the author of “The Glass Palace”?

Answer: Amitav Ghosh

71861. The city of Constantinople was founded by?

Answer: Constantine

71862. The Ramsar Convention(1971) is an international treaty for the conservation and sustainable utilisation of wetlands. It was held at?

Answer: Ramsar in Iran

71863. First Chinese pilgrim to visit India?

Answer: Fa-Hein

71864. Asia Cup is associated with?

Answer: Cricket

71865. Which is the smallest village in Kerala?

Answer: Kudayathoor of Thodupuzha taluk

71866. Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics is located at?

Answer: Kolkata (West Bengal)

71867. The first real mechanical calculating machine is ?

Answer: Pascaline.

71868. Who is the author of The Illusion of Destiny?

Answer: Prof.Amartya Sen

71869. Who is the creator of the famous characters "Juliet; Miranda; Othello;"?

Answer: Shakespeare

71870. Chitranjali Studio is founded and managed by?

Answer: KSFDC

71871. ASCII stands for?

Answer: American Standard Code for Information Interchange

71872. A sculpture Mother and Child by Kanayi Kunhiraman is found at?

Answer: Payyambalam Beach

71873. Western Blot test is used to diagnose?

Answer: Aids

71874. Who is the author of Life Divine ?

Answer: Aurobindo Ghosh

71875. Who is the inventor of Telescope?

Answer: Galileo

71876. Rabies; caused by a virus; affects which part of human body?

Answer: The nerve cells of the brain.

71877. The Ministerial Council; the supreme organ of the WTO has to meet at least?

Answer: Once in every two years

71878. Who is the author of “Inside Asia”?

Answer: John Gunther

71879. Who is the author of “The Illusion of Destiny”?

Answer: Prof.Amartya Sen

71880. During which period of evolution man Family life began ?

Answer: Neolithic Age

71881. Who is the Pro-Chancellor of Agricultural University in Kerala?

Answer: Agriculture Minister

71882. At the time of declaration of Indian independence Pondicherry was a colony of?

Answer: France

71883. Who is the author of “Yanthram”?

Answer: Malayattoor Ramakrishnan

71884. RBI has introduced KYC norms in India to prevent ?

Answer: Money Laundering

71885. Who is the author of “Indian Philosophy; ”?

Answer: Dr. S.Radhakrishnan

71886. School of Tropical Medicines is located at?

Answer: Kolkata (West Bengal).

71887. The Affluent Society was written by ?

Answer: J.K. Galbraith

71888. Who is the creator of the famous character “Tom Jones”

Answer: Henry Fielding

71889. Who is the author of Vish Vriksha Bankim ?

Answer: Chandra Chatterjee

71890. Who is the author of “ Enippadikal “?

Answer: Thakazhi Siva Sankara Pillai

71891. Who is the author of From Rio de Janeiro to Johnnesburg?

Answer: M.S.Swaminathan

71892. Pollination by insects is called?

Answer: Entomophily

71893. Who is the author of “‘Job for Millions’”?

Answer: V.V.Giri

71894. Who is the author of House of the Dead ?

Answer: Fyodor Dostoevsky

71895. Hitler's armies invaded Polland on ?

Answer: 1-Sep-39

71896. Who is the author of “ Kavithadwani”?

Answer: Dr. M. Leelavathi

71897. Most Intelligent Animal?

Answer: Chimpanzee

71898. World's first woman computer programmer ?

Answer: Augusta Ada King Ada Lovelace

71899. Great tragedies of Shakespeare are ?

Answer: 'Hamlet'; 'Macbeth'; 'Othello and King Lear'

71900. Who is the author of “Job for Millions”?

Answer: V.V.Giri
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