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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1445

72251. Nehru Trophy is associated with?

Answer: Hockey

72252. …..is the sort of a speculator; who stands to gain with a rise in the price of shares and stocks?

Answer: Bull

72253. Who is the author of “A Secular Agenda”?

Answer: Arun Shourie

72254. What is the name of the Indian military operation in Kargil to expel the ussurpers?

Answer: 'Operation Vijay' of 1999

72255. Herodotus who is considered as the Father of History was a great ?

Answer: Greek historian who wrote about Persian War

72256. Which sea is the western boundary of Kerala?

Answer: Lakshdweep sea

72257. Which is the capital of Falkland Island?

Answer: Stanley

72258. Who is the author of “ Pathumayude Aadu”?

Answer: Vaikom Muhammed Basheer

72259. Which is known as the first Sankrit news paper?

Answer: Vijnanachinthamani

72260. Alexander defeated the Persian ruler ?

Answer: Darius Ill

72261. Who is the author of Macbeth ?

Answer: William Shakespeare

72262. Who is the author of “The Da VinciCode”?

Answer: Dan Brown

72263. Which organ controls reflex actions in human beings?

Answer: The spinal cord

72264. From which language the word 'Chemistry' was originated?

Answer: The Egyptian language

72265. Cobalt-60 is used in treatment of which disease?

Answer: Cancer.

72266. The Capital of Israel?

Answer: Jerusalem

72267. Who is the author of India's Parliamentary Democracy on Trail ?

Answer: Madhav Godbole

72268. Who is the author of “Sahitya Manjari (I I parts)”?

Answer: Vallathol Narayana Menon

72269. Who is the author of “Decline of the West”?

Answer: O. Spengler

72270. Shik Test is used to diagnose?

Answer: Diptheria

72271. First Woman Foreign Secretary?

Answer: Chokila Iyer

72272. ചന്ദ്രനിൽ കൂടുതൽ കാണപ്പെടുന്ന ലോഹം? [Chandranil kooduthal kaanappedunna loham?]

Answer: ടൈറ്റാനിയം [Dyttaaniyam]

72273. Who was the first Roman king who accepted Christianity?

Answer: Constantine

72274. Who is the author of As I See ?

Answer: Kiran Bcdi

72275. Who introduced English Education in Trivandrum?

Answer: Swathi Thirunal.

72276. Who is the author of Savithri ?

Answer: Aurobindo Ghosh

72277. SmallPox causing virus is ?

Answer: Variola virus

72278. Who is the pro-chancellor of the Universities in Kerala?

Answer: The Education Minister

72279. Hindustan News Print Factory is located at?

Answer: Vellur (Kottayam)

72280. In which year Kerala State Film Development Corporation (KSFDC) was founded?

Answer: 1975

72281. Who is the author of “The Enigma of Arrival”?

Answer: V.S.Naipaul

72282. Hottest Place (World)?

Answer: Azizia (Libya) 58OC

72283. Who is the author of The Da VinciCode ?

Answer: Dan Brown

72284. Who is the author of “Rajtarangini”?

Answer: Kalhana

72285. World Population Day is on?

Answer: 11-Jul

72286. Who is the liberator of Venezuela in 1910?

Answer: Francisco De Miranda

72287. Kannur University was founded in?

Answer: 1996

72288. What is the National bird of America?

Answer: Eagle

72289. Second World War became a Global war in?

Answer: 1941

72290. Central Glass and Ceramic Research Station is located at?

Answer: New Delhi

72291. Island of Cloves?

Answer: Zanzibar

72292. Mumps causing virus is ?

Answer: Myxovirus

72293. The Capital of Uganda?

Answer: Kampala

72294. Who is the inventor of Ball Point Pen?

Answer: John Loud

72295. Who is the creator of the famous characters “Gora; Chitra; Rehman; Mini”

Answer: Rabindranath Tagore

72296. Cromagnan (France) and Grimaldi (ltali) men belonged to which period?

Answer: Middle Stone Age

72297. In which year American women got voting right?

Answer: 1920

72298. G-15; an economic grouping of developing countries of Asian; African and Latin American countries; was formed in?

Answer: Malaysia in 1990

72299. Hankow is on the bank of which River?

Answer: Yangtse-Kiang

72300. The study of microorganisms is called ?

Answer: Microbiology
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