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72301. The scientific name of Cow is?

Answer: Bos indica

72302. Who is the author of “Ellam Chundukal”?

Answer: G. Sankara Kurup

72303. Who is the author of Men from Stone Age to Clone Age ?

Answer: Bob Beale

72304. Who is the author of “Ashtadhyayi”?

Answer: Panini

72305. Who is the author of The Perils of Democracy ?

Answer: P.E. Alexander

72306. The famous writer 'Mali' Madhavan Nair was a champion of which sport?

Answer: Tennis

72307. You are standing in front of The 'Great Banyan Tree'. Where are you now?

Answer: Indian Botanical Garden Sibpur;Kolkata.

72308. Name the ruler who laid the foundation of Cabinet system?

Answer: Robert Walpole

72309. Who is the author of India for Sale?

Answer: Chitra Subramaniam

72310. Who is the creator of the famous character "Hari Pachanan;"?

Answer: C.V.Ramanpilla

72311. Who is the author of “Bermuda Triangle”?

Answer: Charles Berlitz

72312. Who is the author of ‘My Struggle’?

Answer: E:K.Nayanar

72313. By which treaty The United States of America came to being ?

Answer: Treaty of Paris in 1783

72314. The Huzur court was reconstructed as?

Answer: The Raja's Court of Appeal

72315. Loneliest Island?

Answer: Tristan De Gumha (Mid. Atlantic)

72316. Thyroid gland is popularly known as ?

Answer: Adam's Apple.

72317. Dublin is on the bank of which River?

Answer: Liffey

72318. Exceptionally more favourable light for stomatal opening is ?

Answer: Blue

72319. Who is the inventor of Radio Transmitter?

Answer: Alexanderson

72320. Which Travancore king was known as Dharmaraja?

Answer: Karthika Tirunal Rama Varma

72321. Vitamin E is also called?

Answer: Tocopherol

72322. Who was the French Philosopher who wrote the book ‘Emile’?

Answer: Rousseau

72323. The vegetation of deserts is called ?

Answer: Xerophytes

72324. Who is the creator of the famous character "Anandha Padmanabhan;"

Answer: C.V.Ramanpilla

72325. LAN stands for ?

Answer: Local Area Network

72326. The Capital of Botswana?

Answer: Gaborone

72327. Who is the author of “My Struggle”?

Answer: EK.Nayanar

72328. Who is the author of Indira Gandhi: A biography?

Answer: Pupul Jayakar

72329. ADB began its operation in?

Answer: 1966

72330. Which semetic group of people captured Egypt towards BC 1750?

Answer: Hyksus semetic group

72331. The Currency of Mongolia?

Answer: Tugrik

72332. ……is writing which the author creates from imagination?

Answer: Fiction

72333. Who is the author of “Economic Planning of India Elimination of Child Labour”?

Answer: Ashok Mehta

72334. Tallest Animal?

Answer: Giraffe

72335. Hitler became the Chancellor of Germany on?

Answer: 30-Jan-33

72336. Who is the author of ‘Crisis into Chaos’?

Answer: E.M.S. Namboodiripad

72337. The dark skinned race of Africa are called ?

Answer: Negroes

72338. Who is the inventor of Brownian Movements?

Answer: Robert Brown

72339. Sugar metabolism is the function of which hormone?

Answer: Insulin produced by Pancreas

72340. Which is an autonomous bodies established to promote malayalam language and literature?


72341. Who is the inventor of Transformer?

Answer: William Stanley

72342. Who is the author of “What is the real name of George Eliot”?

Answer: Mary Ann Evans

72343. The Currency of Andorra?

Answer: French Franc;

72344. Which is the longest cell of human body?

Answer: Nerve cell(neuron)

72345. Who is the inventor of Antiseptic Surgery?

Answer: Joseph Lister

72346. First Speed Post Centre in Kerala was started at Ernakulam in?

Answer: Nov-86

72347. The Capital of Lithuania?

Answer: Vilnius

72348. Who was the first woman Chief Justice of Kerala high court?

Answer: Sujatha V. Manohar (1994)

72349. Who is the inventor of Telegraph Code?

Answer: Samuel Morse

72350. The study of ageing is known as ?

Answer: Gerentology
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