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72551. America was named after the Portuguese sailor ?

Answer: Amerigo Vespucci

72552. The hanging gardens of Babilona was built in the name of?

Answer: Nebuchandnessar

72553. Who is the author of Wings of Fire ?

Answer: A.PJ. Abdul Kalam

72554. In which year British merchants exported pepper to England for the first time from Cochin ?

Answer: 1626

72555. Who is the author of “ The Shadow Lines”?

Answer: Amitav Ghosh

72556. Who invented Antiseptic Surgery (1867)

Answer: Joseph Listor

72557. The World Trade Organisation (WTO); was established on?

Answer: 1-Jan-95

72558. Bombay Gold Cup is associated with?

Answer: Hockey

72559. Kathakali is the developed form of?

Answer: Krishnanattam

72560. Who is the author of “Book of Unforgettable Women”?

Answer: Khushwant Singh

72561. The Currency of Netherlands?

Answer: Guilder

72562. Who is the author of Inside Europe ?

Answer: John-Gunther

72563. Who is the creator of the famous character Gulliver?

Answer: Jonathan Swift

72564. The Currency of Argentina?

Answer: Peso

72565. Who is the author of “ The Golden Gate”?

Answer: Vikram Seth

72566. Largest Library (World)?

Answer: United States Library of Congress (Washington) The Lenin State Library Moscow- Russia)

72567. Those who believe in the life; death and resurrection of Jesus Christ came to be known as ?

Answer: Christians

72568. Only South East Asian country never occupied by any European powers?

Answer: Thailand

72569. Who is the author of Sacred Games?

Answer: Vikram Chandra

72570. Who is the author of “ Smarakashilakal “?

Answer: Punathil KunjabdulJah

72571. Who was the Lady IPS Officer from Kerala?

Answer: Sreelekha

72572. Silent Valley National Park was set up in 1984 at?

Answer: Mannarkad in Palakkad district

72573. Who is the author of “Rainbow”?

Answer: Pearl S. Buck

72574. Who is the author of “ Half a Life”?

Answer: V.S.Naipaul

72575. Which is the most intelligent ape?

Answer: Chimpanzee

72576. Which is the Malayalam feature film in which famous football player I M Vijayan acted as hero?

Answer: 'Santham'

72577. Anchal stamps of Travancore existed till?

Answer: 1952

72578. Vitamin D is also called?

Answer: Calciferol

72579. Highest Gateway (India)?

Answer: Buland Darwaza

72580. Who was the first Speaker of Kerala Legislative Assembly?

Answer: R. Sankara Narayana Thampi

72581. Who is the author of “A Voice of Freedom”?

Answer: Nayantara Sahgal

72582. The Capital of Albania?

Answer: Tirana

72583. The Currency of Tunisia?

Answer: Dinar

72584. Highest venoumous snake is ?

Answer: King Kobra

72585. Who is the author of Memories of the Rationalist ?

Answer: Vasanth Sathe

72586. The Currency of Myanmar (Burma)?

Answer: Kyat

72587. Who is the author of “The Vendor of sweets”?

Answer: R.K. Narayan

72588. To end the First World War an armistice (Peace Agreement) was signed on ?

Answer: November 11;1918

72589. The economic condition in which the rate at which the general level of prices for goods and services is rising and subsequently; purchasing power is falling is called?

Answer: Inflation

72590. Who is the inventor of Refrigerator?

Answer: Harrison & Catlin

72591. Who is the author of “Tholkappiya Poonga”?

Answer: M. Karunanidhi

72592. Who is the creator of the famous characters "iago; Macbeth; Jessica"?

Answer: Shakespeare

72593. Kerala Kalamandalam at present is situated in?

Answer: Vallathol Nagar in Thrissur district

72594. The Currency of Liberia?

Answer: Liberian Dollar

72595. Who is the author of Age of Reason?

Answer: Jean-Paul Sartre

72596. The year in which Doordarshan started telecasting in Malayalam is?


72597. Who is the author of “India 2020”?

Answer: A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

72598. The Capital of Morocco?

Answer: Rabat

72599. World Literacy Day is on?

Answer: 8-Sep

72600. Who is the author of Lipika ?

Answer: Rabindranath Tagore
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