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72601. Plant genetics is the study of ?

Answer: Genetic inheritance in plants

72602. Who is the author of Curtain Raisers ?

Answer: Natwar Singh

72603. Who is the author of “ Jnanappana”?

Answer: Poonthanam

72604. Who is the author of Identity and Violence?

Answer: Prof.Amartya Sen

72605. Name the American President who chose the site for White House?

Answer: Herbert Hover

72606. Dengu fever; also called Breakbone fever; is transmitted mainly through?

Answer: Aedes Aegypti Mosquitoes

72607. Who is the author of Darkness Visible?

Answer: William Styron

72608. Who is the author of In Memmorium?

Answer: Alfred Tennyson

72609. The popular ministry of Travancore- Cochin was headed by ?

Answer: T.K. Narayana Pillai; the Chief Minister of Travancore at the time of integration.

72610. Who is the author of “Prem Pachisi”?

Answer: Munshi Prem Chand

72611. Who is the author of the famous book' Historia Naturalis'?

Answer: Pliny

72612. The Capital of Niger?

Answer: Niamey

72613. Who is the author of “Interpretation of Dreams’”?

Answer: Sigmond Freud

72614. Mecca of Kerala is?

Answer: Ponnani (Malappuram)

72615. Who is the author of The Vicar of Wakefield ?

Answer: Oliver Goldsmith

72616. Normal count level of WBC in Blood ?

Answer: 5;000 to 9;000 ccg Blood

72617. Who is the author of Cherry Orchard?

Answer: Anton Chekov

72618. Who is the author of Lord Jim?

Answer: Joseph Conrad

72619. Which missionary is the author of Puthanpana Chaturasyam?

Answer: Amosu Pathiri

72620. India's national flower ?

Answer: Lotus

72621. Who is the author of “Angels and Demons”?

Answer: George Orwell

72622. Who is the author of “Between Hope and History”?

Answer: Bill Clinton

72623. CENTO stands for?

Answer: Central Treaty Oganisation

72624. The Currency of Barbados?

Answer: Dollar

72625. Who is the author of Bride's Book of Beauty ?

Answer: Mulk Raj Anand

72626. Which newspaper is known as the voice of the Muslim League?

Answer: Chandrika

72627. Madrid is on the bank of which River?

Answer: Manzaneres

72628. The Currency of Hong Kong?

Answer: Hong Kong Dollar

72629. Sumerian civilisation flourished on the banks of which rivers?

Answer: Euphrates and Tigris

72630. Who is the author of “Anandrnath”?

Answer: Bankim Chandra Chatterjee

72631. Earliest available inscription dated in the Kollam Era; the Mampalli Plate (149) is ascribed to?

Answer: Sri Vallabalan Kotha of Venadu.

72632. Who is considered as the father of the Science of Reasoning?

Answer: Aristotle

72633. Who is known as 'Golden Girl'?

Answer: P T Usha

72634. First President of Indian National Congress?

Answer: W.C.Bonerjee

72635. Who is the author of “Bread”?

Answer: K.A.Abbas

72636. The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) or World Bank was established in?

Answer: 1944

72637. The Capital of Suriname?

Answer: Paramaribo

72638. Which cit y is known as “City of Seven Hills"?

Answer: Rome

72639. Which dynasty established China's first strong central government?

Answer: The Qin dynasty

72640. Who is the author of Baburnama ?

Answer: Babur (Translated into English by John Falkland)

72641. Who is the author of “White House Years”?

Answer: Henry Kissinger

72642. Who is the author of “Kore Kagaz”?

Answer: Amrita Pritam

72643. George Washington became the President of America in the year?

Answer: 1789

72644. Who is the author of “Trinity”?

Answer: Leon Uris

72645. What is the tenure of Kerala Legislative Assembly?

Answer: Five years [starting from the first day of the first session]

72646. First woman to walk in space (Russia)?

Answer: Svetlana Savitskaya space

72647. Nila is the old name of which river?

Answer: Bharathappuzha

72648. Who is the inventor of Rubber (vulcanised)?

Answer: Goodyear

72649. Who is the author of Sesame and Lilies J?

Answer: ohn Ruskin

72650. Who is the author of Family Reunion ?

Answer: TSEliot
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