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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1473

73651. ‘Asian Drama’; by Gunnar Karl Myrdal; is a book on which subjects?

Answer: Economics

73652. Which is the deepest landlocked protected port?

Answer: Vishakhapatnam

73653. In India; what is the main limiting factor for cultivation?

Answer: Indequacy of water supply

73654. Who were the first to establish trade contacts with the Roman empire?

Answer: Tamils

73655. If a Minister of a State wants to resign; to whom he should address the letter of resignation?

Answer: Chief Minister

73656. Who invited Babar to invade India?

Answer: Alain khan; the father of Dilawar Khan

73657. After the decline of the Gupta; a By whom was larger part of North India reunited?

Answer: Harshavardhana

73658. Who was the first Indian to be a Fellow of the Royal Society of London?

Answer: Srinivas Ramanujan

73659. Which Amendment provided for an authoritative version of the Constitution in Hindi?

Answer: 58th

73660. Who was the successor of Shivaji?

Answer: Sambhaji

73661. Which are the important species of the Mediterranean biome?

Answer: Pine; cedar; fir

73662. How was the Gupta administration?

Answer: Monarchial

73663. Who is a famous Sarod player?

Answer: Amjad Ali Khan

73664. Which animal was domesticated by the Harappans?

Answer: Buffalo; sheep; dog; pig.

73665. Which bank is the Banker of the Banks?

Answer: RBI

73666. Which type of rainfall occurs at places having continental type of climate?

Answer: Cyclonic

73667. In which schedule is the list of items which may be entrusted to the Panchayats given?

Answer: Eleventh Schedule

73668. Which organelles in the cell; other than nucleus contains DNA?

Answer: Mitochondria

73669. What represents the most complex level?

Answer: Ecosystem

73670. By which can Foetus development in woman’s womb be ascertained?

Answer: By Ultrasound

73671. Which specy of rhinoceros is said to be the most critically endangered species?

Answer: Javan rhino

73672. In which battle did Dara Shikoh finally loose the war of succession to Aurangzeb?

Answer: Sarnuqarh

73673. Which bank prints currency notes of the denomination of Rs. 100?

Answer: The Bank Note Press; Dewas

73674. Who discovered South Pole?

Answer: Amundsen

73675. Which Island of India is an active volcano found?

Answer: Barren Island

73676. For which disease is Oncogene responsible?

Answer: Cancer

73677. The author of the controversial book ‘Lajja’ is a citizen of which country?

Answer: Bangladesh

73678. Why are Metals good conductor of heat than insulator?

Answer: They contain free electrons

73679. How many bones are there in the human cranium?

Answer: 8

73680. Who is most benefitted from inflation?

Answer: Debtors

73681. Which is the best measure of economic growth of a country?

Answer: GNP

73682. What did mathematician John Napier invent in 1614?

Answer: Logarithms

73683. Tsunami is a large sea wave caused by an earthquake experienced along the coasts of which country?

Answer: Japan

73684. In India; in which banking is the Public Sector is most dominant?

Answer: Commercial banking

73685. Limba Ram is Known for his outstanding performance in which game?

Answer: Archery

73686. Which gase is essential for photosynthesis process?

Answer: CO2

73687. First Postal Service was started in?

Answer: 1837

73688. Which of the following awards was conferred on Mrs. Kiran Bedi?

Answer: Magsaysay

73689. Where is the tomb of Babar?

Answer: Kabul

73690. Which are the glands of the body which pour their seretions directly into the blood stream?

Answer: Endocrine glands

73691. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was born in which year?

Answer: 1889

73692. Which has the maximum number of National Parks?

Answer: Andaman and Nicobar Islands

73693. Port Blair - the capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands; is located in which island?

Answer: South Andaman

73694. From which one among the following water sources; the water is likely to be contaminated with fluoride?

Answer: Ground water

73695. “The best and bravest of the military leader of the rebels”- about whom was this said by Sir Hugh Rose?

Answer: Rani of Jhansi

73696. Duncan Passage is located between which regions?

Answer: South and Little Andaman

73697. Which is the place where bankers meet and settle their mutual claims and accounts?

Answer: Clearing House

73698. Activated charcoal is employed to remove colouring matter from pure substance; it work?

Answer: Adsorption

73699. What is development of fruit without fertilization called?

Answer: Parthenocarpy

73700. Regarding the atom of a chemical element; magnetic quantum number refers?

Answer: Orientation
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