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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1474

73701. What is the a biological process in which glucose and fat is oxidised to liberate energy?

Answer: Respiration

73702. The first law of thermodynamics is concerned with the conservation of which thing?

Answer: Energy

73703. By which name does the Brahmaputra enter into India?

Answer: Dihang

73704. Why is ‘Beaufort Scale’ used?

Answer: To measure wind velocity

73705. Where are the Relics of Buddha preserved?

Answer: In Stupa

73706. When was the Ninth Schedule of the Constitution of India added?

Answer: By the first Amendment

73707. To prepare a standard solution of a substance; what is generally used?

Answer: Measuring flask

73708. Mercury thermometers can be used to measure temperature up to how many °C?

Answer: 360°C

73709. Where is the headquarters of East African Development Bank?

Answer: Uganda

73710. On which date the earth is at the largest distance from the sun (Apehelion)?

Answer: July 4th

73711. In the Delhi Sultanate; the work of 'Mustauf-i-Mamalik' was related to which?

Answer: Auditing

73712. What is temporary tax levied to obtain additional revenue?

Answer: Surcharge

73713. By which impact is Nuclear fission is caused?

Answer: Neutron

73714. കടൽവെള്ളരിയിൽ കൂടുതലായി കാണപ്പെടുന്ന ലോഹം? [Kadalvellariyil kooduthalaayi kaanappedunna loham?]

Answer: വനേഡിയം [Vanediyam]

73715. Which region receives the rainfall throughout the year due to westerly winds?

Answer: South Chile

73716. At which of the following places watches will show 30 A.M. when it is 00 midnight G.M.T.?

Answer: New Delhi

73717. Which is the tree requiring minimum water for its growth?

Answer: Babul

73718. ‘Holding a ‘Bandh’ was declared illegal for the first time in India by which High Courts?

Answer: Kerala High Court

73719. Who is considered as ‘trimutri’ (Trinity) of Carnatic Music?

Answer: Muthuswami Dikshitar

73720. Which national Highway route is the longest?

Answer: Kolkata-Hajira

73721. Which group has the highest number of endangered species?

Answer: Reptiles

73722. Which year is celebrated as International Year of Biodiversity?

Answer: 2010

73723. Who was the first to receive the Nobel prize?

Answer: Rabindranath Tagore

73724. On which date was the State of Bombay was bifurcated into Maharashtra and Gujarat?

Answer: May 1; in the year 1960

73725. Mohammad-bin-Tughlaq shifted his capital from Delhi to which place?

Answer: Daulatabad

73726. Scanty rainfall of less than 50 cm per annum is received which latitudes?

Answer: The areas of high latitudes

73727. Which insect spreads Kala-azar? – Sand fly?

Answer: Sand fly

73728. Which are the The best and the poorest conductors of heat respectively?

Answer: Silver (Ag); and lead (Pb)

73729. What was the first James Bond book?

Answer: Casino Royal

73730. Where is the headquarters of the Universal Postal Union?

Answer: Switzerland

73731. How are representatives of Union Territories in Lok Sabha chosen?

Answer: Direct elections

73732. 23rd January is celebrated as the birthday of which person?

Answer: Subhash Chandra Bose

73733. What is the name of India’s highest award which is given to a civilian?

Answer: Bharat Ratna

73734. Who wrote the book ‘A Passage to India’– ?

Answer: E. M. Foster

73735. Which Act gave representation to Indians for the first time in the Legislature?

Answer: Government of India Act; 1935

73736. Which is also called Stranger Gas?

Answer: Xenon

73737. Which type of rainfall that occurs when wind rises up along a hill or mountain barrier?

Answer: Orographic

73738. Strait of Malacca separates which countries?

Answer: Sumatra and Malaysia

73739. When is World Mental Health Day; recognized by the UN is observed?

Answer: 10-Oct-2017

73740. Which was a journal brought out by Abul Kalam Azad?

Answer: Al -Hilal

73741. Which Upanishads were translated into Persian by Dara Shikh?

Answer: Sirr-i-Akbar

73742. If there is no Sun; what would the colour of the sky?

Answer: Black

73743. Who is a social activist campaigning against child labour?

Answer: Swami Agnivesh

73744. What are the birth and death years of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar?

Answer: 1891; 1956

73745. What is Syrinx?

Answer: Voice box in Birds

73746. Which industry uses mica?

Answer: Electrical industry

73747. In which policy India opted for ‘Mixed Economy’?

Answer: Industrial Policy of 1948

73748. In which type of rocks are metals like gold and copper mostly found?

Answer: Old Igneous

73749. Which neighbouring country has objections on Indian Baglihar Hydro-electric Project?

Answer: Pakistan

73750. With which did the Civil Disobedience Movement in India commence?

Answer: The Dandi March
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