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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1577

78851. A brief account of a subject

Answer: Summary/Compendium

78852. Capable of being wounded

Answer: Vulnerable

78853. Fond of much alcoholic drink

Answer: Bibulous

78854. A person who is foolishly fond of one's wife.

Answer: Henpecked/Uxorious

78855. A person who helps in a wrong deed or crime

Answer: Accomplice/ Accessary

78856. Helpful but not an essential part

Answer: Accessory

78857. A holy or sacred place

Answer: Sanctuary

78858. Honesty and uprightness of character

Answer: Integrity

78859. That which cannot be altered

Answer: Unajlterable/ Irrevocable

78860. Killing of large numbers of defenceless people

Answer: Massacre

78861. The murder for political reasons

Answer: Assassination

78862. The murder of one's sister

Answer: Sorocide

78863. The murder of one's husband

Answer: Mariticide

78864. One who always gets into trouble

Answer: Scapegrace

78865. One who fluently speaks many languages

Answer: Polygot

78866. One who goes for a secret official mission

Answer: Emissary

78867. One who habitually talks while sleeping.

Answer: Somniloquist

78868. One who walks while asleep

Answer: Somnambulist

78869. One who is excessively patriotic

Answer: Chauvinist

78870. One who makes a secret plan against somebody

Answer: Conspirator

78871. One who receives something

Answer: Recipient

78872. One who regains health and strength after illness

Answer: Convalescent

78873. One who plans to destroy all governments

Answer: Anarchist

78874. One who studies the mind

Answer: Psychologist

78875. One who speaks two languages

Answer: Bilingual

78876. One who takes an active part in politics

Answer: Activist

78877. One who witnesses secretly to private conversation.

Answer: Eavesdropper

78878. A permanent military station

Answer: Cantonment

78879. A person who belongs to a region from earliest time

Answer: Aboriginal

78880. A perfect happiness

Answer: Ecstasy/Bliss

78881. A person who holds a high office

Answer: Dignitary

78882. A person who is kept as a prisoner

Answer: Captive

78883. A person who takes part in state affairs

Answer: Statesman

78884. A person who files a suit

Answer: Plaintiff

78885. A person who uses disruptive forces to bring about political or social change

Answer: Extremist

78886. A policy of extending a country's empire and influence

Answer: Imperialism

78887. Persuade by flattery

Answer: Cajole

78888. A political system without opposition.

Answer: Totalitarianism

78889. A person who is reserved in speech

Answer: Reticent

78890. Science of poisons

Answer: Toxicology

78891. Science of the fossils

Answer: Palaentology

78892. A temple dedicated to all the gods

Answer: Pantheon

78893. That which can easily be curved without breaking.

Answer: Flexible

78894. That which eats grass

Answer: Herbivore /Herbivorous

78895. That which has very harmful and dangerous effects.

Answer: Detrimental

78896. That which is corpse like

Answer: Cadaverous

78897. That which is cat like

Answer: Feline

78898. That which is cow like

Answer: Bowine

78899. That which is fish like

Answer: Piscine

78900. That which is morally dangerous

Answer: Pestiferous
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