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79101. A person who works against his country

Answer: Traitor

79102. A person who is uncivilized

Answer: Barbarian

79103. A person who is employed in armed forces

Answer: Personnel

79104. A place where clothes are kept

Answer: Wardrobe

79105. A place where dead bodies are buried

Answer: Cemetery

79106. A building in which people sit to listen to songs, music etc

Answer: Auditorium

79107. A place in which bees are kept

Answer: Apiary

79108. A place in which birds are kept

Answer: Aviary

79109. A planned activity

Answer: Campaign

79110. A medical examination of a dead body

Answer: Postmortem

79111. Amount paid to a man for his labour

Answer: Remuneration

79112. Soldiers who fight on foot

Answer: Infantry

79113. Soldiers who fight on horseback

Answer: Cavalry

79114. Land that grows things in abundance

Answer: Fertile

79115. That which is no longer in use

Answer: Obsolete

79116. A person who has a bad reputation

Answer: Notorious

79117. A diplomatic representative in another country

Answer: Ambassador

79118. A place where arms are kept

Answer: Armoury

79119. A person who studies stars, planets and other heavenly bodies

Answer: Astronomer

79120. A group of ants

Answer: Swarm

79121. A period of 15days

Answer: Fortnight

79122. A list of books

Answer: Catalogue

79123. A blind adherent to creed

Answer: Bigot

79124. An instrument for measuring the pressure of the atmosphere

Answer: Barometer

79125. The murder of one's wife

Answer: Uxoricide

79126. A large retail store.

Answer: Emporium

79127. A large destruction by fire.

Answer: Holocaust

79128. A law making body of a country / state.

Answer: Legislature

79129. A legal enquiry to find out faults.

Answer: Inquisition

79130. A list and explanation of difficult words.

Answer: Glossary

79131. A lover of animals.

Answer: Philozoic

79132. A lover of arts.

Answer: Philotechnic

79133. A lover of dogs.

Answer: Canophilist

79134. A lover of God.

Answer: Philotheist

79135. A lover of learning.

Answer: Philomath

79136. A lover of women.

Answer: Philogynist

79137. A lover of poetry and art.

Answer: Philomuse

79138. A marriage of God.

Answer: Theogamy

79139. A medicine that induces sleep.

Answer: Narcotic

79140. A name derived from father's name.

Answer: Patronymic

79141. That which is not composed of matter.

Answer: Incorporeal

79142. A notice of the death of a person.

Answer: Obituary

79143. One who cannot die.

Answer: Immortal

79144. An admirer of art.

Answer: Dilettante

79145. A man having the qualities of women.

Answer: Effeminate

79146. That which cannot be moved.

Answer: Immobile

79147. The study of insects.

Answer: Entomology

79148. Science of human beauty.

Answer: Kalology

79149. Science of fixing dates.

Answer: Chronology

79150. Science of crimes and criminals.

Answer: Criminology
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