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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1594

79701. security ?

Answer: insecurity

79702. sense ?

Answer: nonsense

79703. shopkeeper ?

Answer: customer

79704. solid ?

Answer: liquid

79705. speaker ?

Answer: listener

79706. stand ?

Answer: lie

79707. teacher ?

Answer: pupil

79708. valuable ?

Answer: valueless

79709. vowel ?

Answer: consonant

79710. Abandon (v)

Answer: give up; leave; forsake

79711. Abbreviate (v)

Answer: abridge; condense; shorten

79712. Abdicate (v)

Answer: quit; abandon; surrender

79713. Ability (n)

Answer: competence; capability; talent; proficiency

79714. Abnormal (adj.)

Answer: anomalous; peculiar; different

79715. Absence(n)

Answer: dearth; deficiency; scarcity

79716. Absolute (adj.)

Answer: complete; exact; genuine

79717. Abstain (v)

Answer: avoid; decline; refrain

79718. Abundant (adj.)

Answer: plentiful; full; bountiful

79719. Accelerate(v)

Answer: advance; expedite; hasten; hurry

79720. Accent (n)

Answer: emphasis; stress; pitch; tone

79721. Accept (v)

Answer: acquire; gain; obtain acknowledge; believe; recognize

79722. Access(n)

Answer: admission; admittance; approach; entrance

79723. Accident (n)

Answer: calamity; casualty; disaster; collision

79724. Accord (v)

Answer: agree; allow; confer; grant

79725. Accuse(v)

Answer: blame; charge; attribute; criminate

79726. Acquaint (v)

Answer: disclose; familiarise; inform; reveal

79727. Acquaintance (n)

Answer: colleague; companionship friend;

79728. Advanced (adj.)

Answer: extreme; foremost; forward; progressive

79729. Advantageous (adj.)

Answer: beneficial; profitable; gainful; convenient.

79730. Adventurous (adj.)

Answer: bold; daring; reckless; risky

79731. Affectionate (adj.)

Answer: devoted; friendly; kind.

79732. Aggravate (v)

Answer: exaggerate; irritate; annoy; intensify

79733. Alliance (n)

Answer: coalition; compact; treaty; agreement

79734. Almighty (adj.)

Answer: all powerful; omnipotent; invincible; great;

79735. Although (conj)

Answer: even if; even though; though; while

79736. Altruistic (adj.)

Answer: benevolent; humane; generous; charitable

79737. Always (adv.)

Answer: ever; evermore; forever; without exception

79738. Ambiguous (adj.)

Answer: confused; doubtful; obscure; vague

79739. Among (prep)

Answer: amidst; amongst; between; midst

79740. Analysis (n)

Answer: division; enquiry; review; scrutiny

79741. Ancestor (n)

Answer: forefather; predecessor; Antecedent; forerunner

79742. Ancient (adj.)

Answer: obsolete; aged; old-fashioned; out-of-date

79743. Anonymous (adj.)

Answer: nameless; unknown; faceless; impersonal

79744. Antipathy (n)

Answer: disgust; dislike; ill-will; enmity; hate

79745. Anxiety (n)

Answer: desire; distress; dread; tension; worry

79746. Anxious (adj.)

Answer: impatient; worried; tortured; afraid

79747. Apathetic (adj.)

Answer: emotionless; impassive; indifferent; passive

79748. Apology (n)

Answer: acknowledgement; excuse; justification; defence;

79749. Apparent (adj.)

Answer: clear; declared; obvious; visible

79750. Applause (n)

Answer: approval; commendation; congratulation; praise
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