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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1595

79751. Aristocrat (n)

Answer: nobleman; noble; peeress; woman; peer

79752. Arrival (n)

Answer: appearance; approach; entrance; occurrence

79753. Arrogant (adj.)

Answer: conceited; haughty; proud; contemptuous

79754. Artificial (adj.)

Answer: man-made; bogus; thetic; unnatural

79755. Ascend (v)

Answer: mount; move up; climb; go up

79756. Aspirant (n)

Answer: applicant; suitor; candidate; competitor

79757. Assassin(n)

Answer: bravo; killer; murderer; slayer

79758. Audible (adj.)

Answer: appreciable; clear; detectable; distinct

79759. Awkward (adj.)

Answer: clumsy; difficult; inexpert

79760. Bandit (n)

Answer: desperado; highwayman; hijacker; robber; thief; gunman; gangster.

79761. Bankrupt (adj.)

Answer: insolvent; ruined; spent; beggared; broke

79762. Barbarian (n)

Answer: boor; illiterate; philistine; savage

79763. Barbarous(adj.)

Answer: brutal; cruel; ferocious; vulgar; ignorant

79764. Barren (adj.)

Answer: desert; fruitless; infertile; dry

79765. Basics(n)

Answer: essentials; fundamentals; facts; necessaries

79766. Battalion (n)

Answer: army; brigade; company; regiment.

79767. Before (adv.)

Answer: ahead; sooner; previously; earlier

79768. Behaviour (n)

Answer: conduct; dealing; habits; manner

79769. Benevolence (n)

Answer: compassion; goodness; sympathy; kindness

79770. Betray (v)

Answer: abandon; desert; forsake; disclose; expose

79771. Bigot (n)

Answer: dogmatist; racist; religionist; sexist

79772. Biography (n)

Answer: history; life history; curriculum; record

79773. Bishop (n)

Answer: archbishop; metropolitan

79774. Blasphemous (adj.)

Answer: irreligious; impious; profane; godless

79775. Borrow (v)

Answer: adopt; imitate; take; use

79776. Boycott (v)

Answer: exclude; ignore; prohibit; refuse; reject

79777. Brave (adj.)

Answer: bold; courageous; heroic; valiant

79778. Brilliant(adj.)

Answer: expert; famous; skilful; illustrious; intelligent.

79779. Buoyant (adj.)

Answer: bright; cheerful; happy; joyful

79780. Bureaucrat (n)

Answer: administrator; officer; official

79781. Business man (n)

Answer: employer; executive; merchant; trader

79782. Brittle (adj.)

Answer: not tough; fragile

79783. Cajole(v)

Answer: coax; flatter; mislead; tempt

79784. Calamity (n)

Answer: adversity; tragedy; disaster; catastrophe; downfall;

79785. Calm (adj.)

Answer: quiet; relaxed; mild; peaceful; tranquil

79786. Camouflage (n)

Answer: deception; disguise; blind; cloak

79787. Community (n)

Answer: society; association; fellowship

79788. Catalogue (n)

Answer: list; record; register

79789. Cautious (adj.)

Answer: alert; careful; vigilant; watchful

79790. Celebrate (v)

Answer: commend; glorify; extol; honour

79791. Cemetery (n)

Answer: burial-ground; churchyard; graveyard

79792. Colleague (n)

Answer: ally; assistant; helper; partner

79793. Comfortable (adj.)

Answer: delightful; enjoyable; pleasant; restful

79794. Command (v)

Answer: charge; compel; dominate; govern

79795. Compare (v)

Answer: contrast; parallel; resemble; match

79796. Compassionate (adj.)

Answer: benevolent; humane; kind hearted; merciful

79797. Compile (v)

Answer: accumulate; arrange; gather; organise

79798. Complicated (adj.)

Answer: complex; difficult; elaborate; intricate

79799. Conceal (v)

Answer: bury; disguise; hide; obscure

79800. Condemn (v)

Answer: . blame; convict; reproach
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