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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1596

79801. Confident (adj.)

Answer: convinced; satisfied; secure; sure

79802. Congratulations (n)

Answer: compliments; good wishes; greetings

79803. Contemporary (adj.)

Answer: current; latest; modem; recent

79804. Controversy (n)

Answer: argument; debate; dispute; quarrel

79805. Convenience (n)

Answer: advantage; comfort; service; appliance

79806. Copy(n)

Answer: duplicate; pattem; photostat; xerox

79807. Courageous (adj.)

Answer: brave; heroic; lion-hearted; high hearted

79808. Courteous (adj.)

Answer: attentive; polite; respectful; urbane

79809. Cowardice (n)

Answer: faint-hearted; fear

79810. Credible (adj.)

Answer: believable; reasonable; reliable; sincere

79811. Credulous (adj.)

Answer: trusting; uncritical; wide-eyed

79812. Critical(adj.)

Answer: crucial; urgent; vital

79813. Cruel (adj.)

Answer: brutal; fierce; ferocious; murderous

79814. Customer (n)

Answer: buyer; client; consumer; purchaser

79815. Dangerous (adj.)

Answer: hazardous; perilous; serious; threatening

79816. Dearth (n)

Answer: absence; shortage; poverty; scarcity

79817. Dedication (n)

Answer: devotion; loyalty; faithfulness

79818. Delightful (adj.)

Answer: enjoyable; fascinating; pleasant

79819. Democracy (n)

Answer: autonomy; republic; self govemment

79820. Depreciate (v)

Answer: decrease; reduce; minimise; devalue

79821. Descend (v)

Answer: dismount; deteriorate

79822. Despair (v)

Answer: . collapse; give up; surrender

79823. Destroy (v)

Answer: demolish; devastate; eliminate; extinguish

79824. Device (n)

Answer: apparatus; tool; Instrument; appliance

79825. Devil (n)

Answer: demon; fiend; imp

79826. Diagnose (v)

Answer: analysis; isolate; determine; distinguish

79827. Difficult (adj.)

Answer: complicate; hard; uphill; thorny

79828. Diplomat (n)

Answer: go-between; mediator; moderator; negotiator

79829. Disgraceful (adj.)

Answer: dishonourable; mean; dreadful; shameful;

79830. Dismay (v)

Answer: depress; disappoint; terrify; discourage; horrify

79831. Diversity (n)

Answer: difference; variety; range

79832. Drainage (n)

Answer: sewage; waste

79833. Dramatist (n)

Answer: comedian; playwright; playwriter; script-writer

79834. Drunkard (n)

Answer: drinker; drunk; lush; soak

79835. Duration (n)

Answer: period; extent; stretch; length

79836. Dwarf(n)

Answer: elf; gnome; Lilliputian; pigmy; tom thumb

79837. Dynamic (adj.)

Answer: active; energetic; forceful; powerful

79838. Earthquake (n)

Answer: quake; shake; earth-tremor

79839. Economical (adj.)

Answer: frugal; inexpensive; thrifty; reasonable

79840. Efficient (adj.)

Answer: capable; competent; powerful; proficient

79841. Eligible (adj.)

Answer: fit; proper; worthy; qualified; suitable

79842. Emancipate (adj.)

Answer: deliver; discharge; free; liberate

79843. Embarrass (v)

Answer: distress; fluster; shame; show up

79844. Emigration (n)

Answer: departure; removal; journey; migration;

79845. Eminent (adj.)

Answer: famous; renowned; prominent; illustrious; important

79846. Enormous (adj.)

Answer: gigantic; huge; immense; prodigious; vast

79847. Enthusiast (n)

Answer: devotee; follower; lover; supporter

79848. Eruption (n)

Answer: explosion; inflammation; outbreak; outburst

79849. Exaggerate (v)

Answer: amplify; magnify; enlarge

79850. Excellence (n)

Answer: goodness; greatness; purity; virtue
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