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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1597

79851. Excess (n)

Answer: extravagance; leftover; surplus; remainder

79852. Excuse (v)

Answer: apologise; defend; forgive; condone.

79853. Exhale (v)

Answer: emit; expel; expire; discharge

79854. Experienced (adj.)

Answer: competent; expert; skilful; veteran

79855. Exterior (n)

Answer: outside; covering surface; skin

79856. Extraordinary (adj.)

Answer: exceptional; marvelous; special; fantastic

79857. Extravagance (n)

Answer: excess; folly; profusion; waste

79858. Extravagant (adj.)

Answer: expensive; lavish; costly; excessive

79859. Extremist (n)

Answer: militant; terrorist; zealot; radical

79860. Extrovert (adj.)

Answer: amiable; hearty; social; outgoing

79861. Fabulous (adj.)

Answer: amazing; incredible; wonderful; immense

79862. Failure (n)

Answer: break down; downfall; ruin; failing

79863. Familiar (adj.)

Answer: acquainted; friendly; well-known; ordinary

79864. Fascination (n)

Answer: attraction; charm glamour; interest

79865. Fathom (v)

Answer: comprehend; penetrate; work out; interpret

79866. Fertile (adj.)

Answer: abundant; fruitful; plentiful; luxuriant

79867. Festive (adj.)

Answer: cordial; gala; gleeful; jovial

79868. Flammable (adj.)

Answer: combustible; inflammable

79869. Flock (v)

Answer: bunch; crowd; group; herd; swarm; troop

79870. Flourish (v)

Answer: bloom; develop; prosper; succeed

79871. Follower (n)

Answer: devotee; disciple; pupil; supporter

79872. Fore father (n)

Answer: ancestor; procreator

79873. Foreigner (n)

Answer: alien; new comer; stranger

79874. Forever (adj.)

Answer: always; evermore; for all time

79875. Fragile (adj.)

Answer: brittle; breakable; dainty

79876. Fragment (n)

Answer: piece; part; particle

79877. Frightful (adj.)

Answer: dreadful; fearful; horrible; terrible

79878. Fulfill (adj.)

Answer: accomplish; achieve; execute; obey

79879. Funeral (n)

Answer: burial; interment

79880. Funny (adj.)

Answer: amusing; humorous; comical; laughable

79881. Furnish (v)

Answer: afford; appoint; decorate; grant; offer

79882. Gain (v)

Answer: advance; increase; progress; obtain

79883. Gather (v)

Answer: accumulate; assemble; collect; heap

79884. General (adj.)

Answer: common; universal; normal; ordinary

79885. Genial (adj.)

Answer: friendly; glad; happy; joyous; kind

79886. Genuine (adj.)

Answer: actual; authentic; natural; bonafide; original

79887. Glamorous (adj.)

Answer: attractive; lovely; charming; fascinating;

79888. Glorious (adj.)

Answer: brilliant; delightful; excellent; majestic

79889. Grateful (adj.)

Answer: obliged; obligated; sensible; thankful

79890. Grumble (v)

Answer: growl; murmur; mutter; rumble

79891. Gunman (n)

Answer: bandit; terrorist; killer; bandit.

79892. Habitat (n)

Answer: environment; territory; home; surroundings;

79893. Handicap (n)

Answer: barrier; block; obstacle; hindrance

79894. Handicraft (n)

Answer: craft; workmanship; skill; artisan

79895. Handsome (adj.)

Answer: attractive; graceful; majestic

79896. Haughty (adj.)

Answer: arrogant; lofty; proud; scornful

79897. Hazardous (adj.)

Answer: dangerous; risky; difficult; haphazard

79898. Hereditary (adj.)

Answer: ancestral; genetic; inborn; inherited

79899. Hermit (n)

Answer: ascetic; monk; solitariness

79900. Heroic (adj)

Answer: bold; brave; lion-hearted; courageous
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