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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1600

80001. Questioner(n)

Answer: enquirer; examiner; interviewer

80002. Queer (adj.)

Answer: curious; strange; puzzling; uncommon

80003. Rainy (adj.)

Answer: damp; wet; drizzly

80004. Random (adj.)

Answer: accidental; chance; incidental; unplanned

80005. Ratify (v)

Answer: affirm; approve; certify; authorise

80006. Raucous (adj.)

Answer: harsh; hoarse; loud; noisy

80007. Ready {adj.)

Answer: arranged; prepared; completed; fit

80008. Rebellious (adj.)

Answer: disloyal; untruly; disobedient; revolutionary

80009. Rebuke (v)

Answer: chide; blame; admonish; scold

80010. Recess (n)

Answer: break; interval; rest

80011. Rectify (v)

Answer: amend; correct; remedy; repair; reform

80012. Referee (n)

Answer: arbitrator; judge; umpire

80013. Refrain (v)

Answer: abstain; avoid; quit

80014. Refugee (n)

Answer: escapee; exile; deserter; absconder

80015. Reliance(n)

Answer: assurance; belief; confidence; faith; trust

80016. Religious (adj.)

Answer: devotional; divine; spiritual; sacred

80017. Rescue tv)

Answer: deliver; liberate; recover; release

80018. Resemble (v)

Answer: approach; favour; duplicate; take after

80019. Residence (n)

Answer: home; house; palace; quarters

80020. Respectful (adj.)

Answer: courteous; humble; obedient; polite

80021. Restaurant (n)

Answer: buffet; cafe; eating house

80022. Revenue (n)

Answer: income; returns; gain; profit

80023. Rightful (adj.)

Answer: lawful; legal; true

80024. Rogue (n)

Answer: cheat; deceiver; devil; villain; scoundrel

80025. Roomy (adj.)

Answer: wide; spacious; sizable; large

80026. Rotation (n)

Answer: revolution; orbit; cycle

80027. Safety (n)

Answer: assurance; security; protection; safeguard

80028. Savings (n)

Answer: capital; fund; resources

80029. Scandal (n)

Answer: disgrace; rumours; shame; uproar

80030. Scholar (n)

Answer: expert; intellectual; academic; pupil

80031. Scornful (adj.)

Answer: arrogant; defiant

80032. Scribble (v)

Answer: doodle; jot; scrawl; write

80033. Seminary (n)

Answer: academy; college; institute; school

80034. Shriek (v)

Answer: howl; scream; shout

80035. Solemn (adj.)

Answer: ceremonial; sober; momentous; ritual

80036. Spendthrift (adj.)

Answer: extravagant; improvident; prodigal; wasteful

80037. Spontaneous (adj.)

Answer: extempore; free; voluntary; willing

80038. Stamina (n)

Answer: power; strength; vigour

80039. Stormy (adj.)

Answer: dirty; foul; windy; turbulent

80040. Stupid (adj.)

Answer: foolish; dull; idiotic

80041. Successful (adj.)

Answer: satisfactory; lucky; victorious; wealthy

80042. Survey (v)

Answer: assess; consider; inspect; examine

80043. Sympathy (n)

Answer: pity; condolence; comfort; rapport

80044. Synonymous (adj.)

Answer: comparable; corresponding; identical

80045. Talented (adj.)

Answer: able; apt; adept; clever

80046. Talkative (adj.)

Answer: chatty; garrulous; gossipy; wordy

80047. Tantamount (adj.)

Answer: equal; equivalent

80048. Target(n)

Answer: aim; ambition; goal

80049. Teetotaler (n)

Answer: abstainer; non-drinker

80050. Terror (n)

Answer: Anxiety; dread; horror; fear; fright
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