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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1601

80051. Timid (adj.)

Answer: afraid; cowardly; fearful; timorous

80052. Tolerate (v)

Answer: accept; allow; bear; abide

80053. Tourist (n)

Answer: traveller; tripper; voyager

80054. Tragedy (n)

Answer: adversity; disaster; catastrophe; calamity

80055. Transparent (adj.)

Answer: apparent; clear; obvious; translucent; visible

80056. Tremendous (adj.)

Answer: excellent; exceptional; fabulous; terrific

80057. Trespasser (n)

Answer: criminal; infringer; intruder; offender

80058. Trophy (n)

Answer: award; memento; memorial; cup

80059. Turbulent (adj.)

Answer: agitated; wild; violent; boisterous; choppy

80060. Tutor (n)

Answer: coach; educator; guide; teacher

80061. Twilight (n)

Answer: sundown; sunset; dusk; evening

80062. Twinkle (v)

Answer: glitter; shine; glimmer; sparkle

80063. Tyrant (n)

Answer: autocrat; dictator; monarch; slave-driver

80064. Uphill (adj.)

Answer: difficult; laborious; tough; wearisome

80065. Urgent (adj.)

Answer: compelling; critical; crucial; eager

80066. Utmost (adj.)

Answer: extreme; final; first; farthest

80067. Utterance (n)

Answer: announcement; statement; declaration; speech

80068. Vacant (adj.)

Answer: empty; free; unfilled

80069. Vanish (v)

Answer: depart; die out; disappear; disperse

80070. Veteran (n)

Answer: master; old hand; old timer

80071. Victory (n)

Answer: conquest; triumph; win

80072. Vigilant (adj.)

Answer: alert; attentive; watchful; cautious

80073. Vigorous (adj; )

Answer: active; dynamic; energetic; efficient

80074. Voyage (n)

Answer: journey; passage; travels; trip

80075. Vulgar (adj.)

Answer: common; boorish; native; unrefined

80076. Watchman (n)

Answer: caretaker; custodian; guard

80077. Well-known (adj.)

Answer: famous; renowned; popular

80078. Wholesome (adj.)

Answer: advantageous; beneficial; worthy

80079. Worldwide (adj.)

Answer: general; global; intemational; universal

80080. Wrestle (F)

Answer: battle; combat; contend; contest

80081. Yearly (adj.)

Answer: annual; per annum

80082. Yield (v)

Answer: abdicate; allow; comply; concede

80083. Youthful (adj.)

Answer: boyish; childish; young; immature

80084. Zeal (n)

Answer: devotion; spirit; zest

80085. Zealous (adj.)

Answer: devoted; eager; passionate; spirited

80086. Zenith (n)

Answer: apex; climax; top; vertex; optimum

80087. Zest

Answer: appetite; charm; enjoyment; flavour

80088. ABC

Answer: Basic knowledge of

80089. After all

Answer: Despite what has been said or expected

80090. All the same

Answer: Nevertheless

80091. All along

Answer: All the time; from the beginning

80092. All over

Answer: Everywhere

80093. Along with

Answer: In addition to somebody /something; in the same way

80094. All day long

Answer: For whole day

80095. At once

Answer: Immediately

80096. At home in

Answer: To be strong

80097. Again and again

Answer: Many times

80098. As usual

Answer: In the same way as what happens most of the time or in most cases

80099. At the latest

Answer: No later than the time

80100. At heart

Answer: Used to say what somebody is really like
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