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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1611

80551. Run the risk of

Answer: To take risk

80552. Red handed

Answer: To be caught by the police during doing the crime

80553. Root and branch

Answer: Totally

80554. Read between the lines

Answer: To read carefully; to understand the additional meaning

80555. Ready money

Answer: Cash rupees

80556. Red tapism


80557. Rest on one's laurels

Answer: To rest satisfied with the honours already won; to retire from active life

80558. Right here

Answer: At this place

80559. Right now


80560. Red tape

Answer: Excessive and unnecessary adherence to formalities

80561. Rise like a phoenix from

Answer: To live a destroyed thing again its ashes

80562. 18. To rise to the occasion

Answer: To be found equal to the task

80563. 19. Rough guess

Answer: To guess commonly

80564. 20. Rule the roost

Answer: To keep one's possession on others

80565. Small fry

Answer: Ordinary beings

80566. Sine die

Answer: For uncertain period of time

80567. Sooner or later


80568. Set free

Answer: To release from something

80569. Sleeping partner

Answer: An inactive partner in business

80570. Stuff and none sense


80571. Sum and substance


80572. Stand somebody in good


80573. Snake in the grass


80574. Safe and sound

Answer: Safely

80575. Slip of the tongue

Answer: A mistake of speech

80576. 12. Slip of the pen

Answer: A small unintentional mistake in writing

80577. U. So long as

Answer: Until

80578. 1-1. Shortcut


80579. 15. See eye to eye


80580. 16. Send word

Answer: To send the message

80581. 17. Show of hand

Answer: Lifting the hand

80582. Scot free

Answer: To go without punishment

80583. Seasoned food

Answer: Spicy food

80584. See the light

Answer: To be born

80585. Set one's scheme on foot

Answer: To start a plan

80586. Set at liberty

Answer: To release

80587. Set one's face against

Answer: To Oppose sternly

80588. Set one's heart on

Answer: To like more and more

80589. Set one's teeth on edge

Answer: To bear contemptation or hatred

80590. Shut one's mouth

Answer: To keep silent

80591. Slip through one's fingers

Answer: To come out of the hand

80592. Spare time


80593. To stand on one's own ground

Answer: To maintain one's own position

80594. A stone's throw

Answer: Very-near

80595. Strike a bargain

Answer: To deal in business

80596. Sworn enemies

Answer: A staunch enemy

80597. Tooth and nail

Answer: With all one's resources or energy; fiercely; violently

80598. Talk big

Answer: To admire oneself

80599. Time and again


80600. To and fro

Answer: backwards and forwards
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