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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1612

80601. Take to one's heels

Answer: Torun away

80602. Tall talk

Answer: To boast; boastful and exaggerated talk

80603. To the letter

Answer: As same as

80604. Turn over a new leaf

Answer: To start a new life

80605. Through thick and thin

Answer: In all circumstances

80606. Throw cold water

Answer: To discourage

80607. Through and through

Answer: Completely

80608. To the last farthing

Answer: One by one paisa

80609. To his face


80610. To the utmost


80611. To the point


80612. Take advantage of

Answer: To get benefit

80613. Take effect

Answer: To be effected

80614. Take into one's hand

Answer: To think or to believe

80615. Take something in one's hand

Answer: To take responsibility in one's hand

80616. Take heart

Answer: To have courage

80617. 21. Testing time

Answer: A period of examination

80618. 22. This and that

Answer: To and fro

80619. 23. Think twice

Answer: To decide carefully

80620. 24. Take stock of

Answer: To survey

80621. The Three R's


80622. Take notice


80623. Take the chair

Answer: To be a chairman

80624. Take care of

Answer: To look after-to be alert

80625. Take hold of

Answer: To catch

80626. Take someone in to confidence


80627. Take place


80628. 32. Take part in

Answer: To participate

80629. Throw dust in one's eyes


80630. Take a fancy

Answer: To like very much

80631. Take a leap in the dark

Answer: An action or a risk that you take without knowing anything about the activity or what the result will be

80632. 36. Take by storm

Answer: To conquer rapidly

80633. 37. Take into account

Answer: To take into consideration

80634. Take one at his word

Answer: To believe on saying anyone

80635. Take one's time


80636. Take oneself off

Answer: To walk away

80637. Take sides

Answer: To support one in quarrelling of the two

80638. Take the air

Answer: To walk in the open air

80639. Take the bull by the horns

Answer: To face a difficulty boldly

80640. Take the law into one's hands

Answer: To punish somebody with his hands

80641. Take time off

Answer: To take leave

80642. 46. Take to heart

Answer: To feel with heart

80643. 47. Take to task


80644. 48. Throwaway money

Answer: To spend carelessly

80645. 49. Time after time

Answer: Frequently-repeatedly

80646. 50. Turn up one's nose at

Answer: To regard with contempt

80647. Up to the mark

Answer: Up to a certain standard

80648. Ups and downs

Answer: Good and bad times

80649. An uphill task

Answer: A difficult work

80650. Up and doing

Answer: Active in work
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