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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1613

80651. Under consideration

Answer: Being discussed

80652. Under lock and key


80653. Under the nose

Answer: Inclose vicinity

80654. Under the nose of

Answer: Almost in the presence of

80655. Up-to-date


80656. Up in arms

Answer: to be ready to fight with

80657. Under a cloud

Answer: In suspicion. in disfavour ordisgrace

80658. Upon one's sweet will

Answer: On one's desire or wish

80659. 13. Under the rose

Answer: Secretly

80660. 14. Upper hand


80661. 15. Up to time


80662. 16. Under the sun

Answer: Anywhere

80663. Under the embargo

Answer: Under impediment

80664. Under the wing

Answer: Under the protection

80665. Uneasy about for

Answer: To be anxious about

80666. Utter failure

Answer: Extreme failure

80667. Vice versa

Answer: The other way round

80668. Vis-a-vis

Answer: In relation to

80669. View with

Answer: To complete

80670. A vexed question

Answer: A complicated problem

80671. Vet for

Answer: To examine someone's record

80672. Via tria, via tuta


80673. With a view to

Answer: For the purpose of

80674. Without fail

Answer: Undoubtly; definitely

80675. In/with reference to

Answer: Used to say what you are talking or writing about

80676. With respect to something

Answer: Concerning

80677. Ways and means


80678. Why and wherefore


80679. Worship the rising sun

Answer: To honour anew impressive or successful person; to respect the man who is rising in power

80680. With might and main


80681. With a vengeance

Answer: Excessively

80682. Wide of the mark

Answer: Besides the purpose

80683. A white elephant

Answer: An expensive burdensome but useless thing; A very expensive thing

80684. All well and good

Answer: Quite good but not exactly what is wanted

80685. 15. What's what

Answer: The true position of affairs

80686. Wheels within wheels

Answer: Complication

80687. 17. Within an ace of

Answer: Almost to be nearly

80688. 18. A wolf in sheep's clothing


80689. 19. Worn out

Answer: To discover by persistent questioning

80690. Will and pleasure

Answer: Desire or wish

80691. 21. With one voice

Answer: As a group; with everyone agreeing; unanimously

80692. 22. A warm reception

Answer: To receive cordially

80693. 23. Without reserve

Answer: Without hiding a matter

80694. Well to do

Answer: Rich

80695. Well-off

Answer: In good circumstances

80696. Walls have ears

Answer: To listen by someone in disguise

80697. Walk the streets


80698. 28. While away

Answer: To waste time; to pass time in amusement

80699. White lie

Answer: A blunt lie

80700. 30. Win laurels

Answer: To distinguish oneself
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