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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1615

80751. To beat about the bush

Answer: To talk about unimportant things

80752. A boon in disguise

Answer: A benefit in loss

80753. A big shot

Answer: Important person

80754. To play ducks and drake

Answer: To squander money

80755. To break the duck

Answer: To begin

80756. To die a dog's death

Answer: Unheroic death

80757. Rise from ashes

Answer: To rise from low

80758. My hands are full

Answer: I am busy

80759. To give someone a piece of mind

Answer: To scold

80760. A bull in the china shop

Answer: An awkward person

80761. To get away with

Answer: To escape

80762. To kick one's heels

Answer: To waste time

80763. Make hay while the sun shines

Answer: To make best use of favourable opportunities

80764. To put a spoke in one's wheel

Answer: To disturb

80765. Fancy price

Answer: High price

80766. Fair-weather friends

Answer: Friends only in good days

80767. Far and wide

Answer: All around

80768. Hole and comer policy

Answer: Improper policy

80769. Cut no ice

Answer: To make no effect

80770. Hand in glove

Answer: Close friendship

80771. To work like a dog

Answer: To work very hard

80772. To keep one's fingers crossed

Answer: Wishing good for somebody

80773. To keep the wolf away from the door

Answer: To keep off poverty from oneself

80774. A red letter day.

Answer: An important day

80775. To have several irons in the fire

Answer: To have many pieces of work

80776. Pull the wool over somebody's eyes

Answer: To deceive

80777. A blue book

Answer: A government report

80778. To feather's one's nest

Answer: To provide money even dishonestly

80779. Odds and ends

Answer: Various articles

80780. A hot line

Answer: Direct telephone line between Heads of states

80781. To read between the lines

Answer: To understand more than the actual

80782. Feet of clay

Answer: To be weak

80783. A mare's nest

Answer: A discovery which looks valuable

80784. To stand one's guns

Answer: To preserve when hardships press

80785. To throw up one's nose at a thing

Answer: Disgust

80786. A lady's man

Answer: A lover of woman's company

80787. A baker's dozen

Answer: Thirteen

80788. To clinch the issue

Answer: Decide

80789. To turn the corner

Answer: Pass the crisis

80790. To rock the boat

Answer: Upset the balance

80791. To chew the cuds

Answer: To muse on

80792. A duck in a thunderstorm

Answer: Distressed

80793. A man of the world


80794. Midas touch

Answer: Ability to succeed in all projects

80795. To come down in the world

Answer: To lose one's social and financial position

80796. To cut both ends

Answer: To argue in support of both sides of the issue

80797. A sleeping partner

Answer: An inactive business partner

80798. French leave

Answer: Absence without permission

80799. An arm chair job

Answer: An easy and well paid regular job

80800. Run of the mill

Answer: Ordinary
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