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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1616

80801. Hole and corner

Answer: Secret

80802. Hammer and sickle

Answer: Emblem of socialism

80803. Meek and mild

Answer: Gentle and mind

80804. Back stairs gossip

Answer: Gossip among servants

80805. To bell the cat

Answer: To take great personal risk

80806. To bite the dust

Answer: Tosuffer defeat

80807. To be in the driving seat

Answer: In control

80808. To cross swords

Answer: To enter into a dispute

80809. To cut a sorry figure

Answer: To create poor impression

80810. To die in harness

Answer: To die while actively engaged in one's regular work

80811. To get into hot water

Answer: To get into difficulties

80812. To egg on

Answer: To urge on

80813. To drive at

Answer: To employ

80814. To go through fire and water

Answer: To pass through difficulties

80815. To go to dogs

Answer: To be ruined

80816. To hang fire

Answer: To hesitate

80817. To keep one's card close to one's chest

Answer: Be secretive

80818. To hit below the belt

Answer: Give an unfair blow

80819. To hit the jackpot

Answer: To have a big success

80820. To jump to a conclusion

Answer: To arrive on a conclusion without justification

80821. To keep the ball rolling

Answer: To maintain progress

80822. To let oneself go

Answer: To allow emotionally

80823. To lead a cat and dog's life

Answer: To quarrel constantly

80824. To knock the bottom out of

Answer: To make a scheme

80825. To make good

Answer: To repair

80826. To miss the bus/boat

Answer: To lose an opportunity

80827. To make one's blood cold

Answer: To frighten

80828. To make both ends meet

Answer: To live within one's income

80829. To make a mountain out of a mole hill

Answer: To exaggerate a small matter

80830. To look through coloured glasses

Answer: To see things not as they are

80831. To look off colours

Answer: Seem unwell

80832. To look black at somebody

Answer: Look at him angrily

80833. To kick up a row

Answer: To create a disturbance

80834. By far

Answer: Beyond all comparison

80835. To bear a grudge

Answer: To have better feeling

80836. By dint of

Answer: By means of

80837. By no means

Answer: In no way

80838. By virtue of

Answer: On account of

80839. By all means

Answer: Certainly

80840. Bag and baggage

Answer: Completely

80841. To blow one's own trumpet

Answer: To speak proudly of oneself

80842. Back out

Answer: To break a promise

80843. Bad blood

Answer: Enmity

80844. Blue blood

Answer: Noble blood

80845. To break the ice

Answer: To break the silence

80846. By leaps and bounds

Answer: Rapidly

80847. To bum the candle at both ends


80848. By hook or by crook

Answer: By all means

80849. To burn the midnight oil

Answer: To work very hard till1ateatnight

80850. Below one's dignity

Answer: Below one's position
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