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83551. Betwa is a tributaty of which river?

Answer: Yamuna

83552. Which river in India has the greatest flow of water?

Answer: Brahmaputra

83553. Jhulum, Chenab, Ravi, Beas and Sutlej are the tribuataries of?

Answer: Indus

83554. The longest west flowing river in India?

Answer: Narmada

83555. Yamuna originates from Yamunotri in the state of?

Answer: Uttarakhand

83556. Which is known as Tsangpo in Tibet?

Answer: Brahmaputra

83557. Which river is known as the ‘life line of Sikkim’?

Answer: Tista

83558. The largest river basin in India?

Answer: Ganga

83559. The speediest river in India?

Answer: Tista

83560. The second longest river in India?

Answer: Godavari

83561. Tungabhadra, Bhima, Malaprabha, Koyna, Musi are the important tributaries of?

Answer: Krishna

83562. Which river is known as ‘Sorrow of Orissa’?

Answer: Mahanadi

83563. Taj Mahal is on the banks of which river?

Answer: Yamuna

83564. In which state Mahanadi originates?

Answer: Chhatisgarh

83565. The longest river in South India?

Answer: Godavari

83566. The river that originates from Brahmagiri Hills in Coorg district of Karnataka?

Answer: Kaveri

83567. The river which originates from Triambak Hills in Nasik district in Maharashtra?

Answer: Godavari

83568. Which river is known as ‘Dakshina Ganga’?

Answer: Kaveri

83569. The second longest west flowing river in India?

Answer: Tapti

83570. The river that originates from the Amarkantak hills in Madhya Pradesh?

Answer: Narmada

83571. The longest rift valley river in India?

Answer: Narmada

83572. Which river originates from Mahabaleswar hills in Maharashtra?

Answer: Krishna

83573. Which river originates from Betul district in Madhya Pradesh?

Answer: Tapti

83574. Which Indian river is known as salt river?

Answer: Luni

83575. The longest river in Indian peninsula?

Answer: Godavari

83576. Which river is known as the twin or handmaid of Narmada?

Answer: Tapti

83577. Which river finally lost in the marshy grounds of Rann of Kuchchh?

Answer: Luni

83578. Tapti, Narmada, Mahi and Sabarmati drains into?

Answer: Gulf of Cambay

83579. Khajuraho Temples are in Madhya Pradesh. These were built by the dynasty?

Answer: Chandellas

83580. Indravati, Manjira,Veinganga, Sabari,Purna are the important tributaries of?

Answer: Godavari

83581. Fatepur Sikri in Uttar Pradesh was built by ...... as his capital?

Answer: Akbar

83582. Brihadiswara Temple at Tanjavur is also known as Rajarajeswara temple. It was built by?

Answer: Cholas

83583. Nandadevi National Park is in?

Answer: Uttarakhand

83584. The largest brackish water lake in India?

Answer: Chilka

83585. Pulikat lake is situated in?

Answer: Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu

83586. The island that separates Pulikat lake from Bay of Bengal?

Answer: Sriharikota

83587. Which lake in India is famous for prawn cultivation?

Answer: Chilka

83588. In which state is Kolleru lake?

Answer: Andhra Pradesh

83589. The largest lake in South India?

Answer: Kolleru

83590. In which state is Wular lake?

Answer: Jammu & Kashmir

83591. The only crator lake in India?

Answer: Lonar

83592. In which state is Lonar lake?

Answer: Maharashtra

83593. In which state is Nalsarovar lake?

Answer: Gujarat

83594. The saltiest lake in India?

Answer: Sambhar

83595. In which state is Sambhar lake?

Answer: Rajastan

83596. In which state is Loktak lake?

Answer: Manipur

83597. The largest lake in north east India?

Answer: Loktak

83598. Dhootsagar waterfalls is in...... river?

Answer: Mandovi

83599. The highest water fall in India?

Answer: Jog

83600. Jog falls is also known as?

Answer: Jersoppa
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