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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1678

83901. Which state has the largest acrage of forest in India?

Answer: Madhya Pradesh

83902. Lunej Petrol producing area is located in?

Answer: Gujarat

83903. In India, the first unit of cement industry was established in 1904 at?

Answer: Chennai

83904. The tribal population in Andaman and Nicobar islands belong to the?

Answer: Negroid race

83905. National Remote Sensing Agency is located in?

Answer: Hyderabad

83906. The world’s highest road connects?

Answer: LehManali

83907. The NH-44 is the longest national highway in India. It connects?

Answer: SrinagarKanyakumari

83908. Into how many pincode zones the country divided?

Answer: 8

83909. The earth station for satellite communication is located at?

Answer: Arvi

83910. The STD facility was first introduced in 1960 between?

Answer: Kanpur- Lucknow

83911. Which is called the ‘Ruhr of India’?

Answer: Chotanagpur

83912. The only anthrapoid ape found in India?

Answer: Hoolock Gibbon

83913. Which was the second district to achieve total literacy in India?

Answer: Dakshin Kannada

83914. The passage between South Andaman and Little Andaman?

Answer: Duncan Passage

83915. Where is Gulf of Mannar located?

Answer: East of Tamil Nadu

83916. When were the states of India organised on a linguistic basis?

Answer: 1956

83917. The highest peak in Indian territory including the disputed areas is K2. In which range it is located?

Answer: Karakoram Range

83918. The total area covered by the Himalayas is about?

Answer: 500000 sq.km

83919. In which state are the Aravalli ranges located?

Answer: Rajastan

83920. Where is the Maikal range located?

Answer: Madhya Pradesh

83921. The territorial waters of India extend upto how many nautical miles?

Answer: Twelve

83922. Which river in India is called Tsangpo in one of its reaches?

Answer: Brahmaputra

83923. In which area does the Sabarmati rise?

Answer: Aravallis

83924. Which river flows between the Satpuras and the Vindhyas?

Answer: Narmada

83925. When are temperatures the highest in Southern India?

Answer: April

83926. Which is the southernmost unit of India?

Answer: Great Nicobar

83927. From which river has the Rajastan Canal (Indira Gandhi Canal) been taken out?

Answer: Sutlej

83928. Which area in India receives least rain fall?

Answer: Eastern Rajastan

83929. Which river has been harnessed under the Bhakra Nangal Project?

Answer: Sutlej

83930. In which state the Dhuvaran Thermal Power station is located?

Answer: Gujarat

83931. Where is Desert National Park situated?

Answer: Rajastan

83932. Khangchendzonga, one of the highest national parks in the world is in the state of?

Answer: Sikkim

83933. Kodaikanal is situated in ......?

Answer: . Palani Hills

83934. Which is the main religion in Ladakh?

Answer: Buddhism

83935. Which place is known as ‘Little Lhasa’?

Answer: Dharamsala

83936. Which is known as the Switzerland of Himachal Pradesh?

Answer: Khajjia

83937. Which is the native state of the tribe Gaddis?

Answer: Himachal Pradesh?

83938. Indian Institute of Advanced Studies is in?

Answer: Shiml

83939. Which was the summer capital of British India?

Answer: Shimla

83940. Where is the asylum of Dalai Lama?

Answer: Dharamsala

83941. Which is known as ‘All Seasons State’?

Answer: Himachal Pradesh

83942. In which state is the man made lake Govind Sagar?

Answer: Himachal Pradesh

83943. In which Indian state is Giri Hydel Project?

Answer: Himachal Pradesh

83944. In which state Kangra Valley, Lahul Valley are situated?

Answer: Himachal Pradesh

83945. Which state is called Fruit basket of India?

Answer: Himachal Pradesh

83946. Which state is called Apple state of India?

Answer: Himachal Pradesh

83947. Where is Central Potato Research Institute?

Answer: Shimla

83948. In which river is Nathpa Jhakri Project?

Answer: Sutlej

83949. The first state in India to ban plastic?

Answer: Himachal Pradesh

83950. Himachal Pradesh is the state where the polling for the first general election was started. It was in?

Answer: 1951
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