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85201. The Secretary of State for India during the British rule was?

Answer: A British Minister given full control over the Government of India

85202. The Secretary of State’s Council of India was abolished by?

Answer: Govt. of India Act;1935

85203. The sepoy mutiny at Govindgarh was suppressed by?

Answer: Charles Napier

85204. The session of INC which approved the non-cooperation movement of Gandhiji was held at?

Answer: Kolkata

85205. The short biographical article titled Karl Marx – a modern Rishi was written by the German-based Indian revolutionary_____?

Answer: Lala Har Dayal

85206. The significance of 16th October 1905 in the history of India is?

Answer: Partition of Bengal came into effect

85207. The significance of the third Carnatic War?

Answer: End of Political power of French in India

85208. The song of the Swadeshi Movement was?

Answer: Vande Mataram

85209. The summer residence of the Viceroy of India at Shimla?

Answer: Viceregal Lodge

85210. The Surat split of INC was in the year?

Answer: 1907

85211. " III)ദ ഫാൾ ഓഫ് എ സ്പാ രോ " ആരുടെ ആത്മകഥയാണ്? [" iii)da phaal ophu e spaa ro " aarude aathmakathayaan?]

Answer: സലിം അലി [Salim ali]

85212. The symbol of 1857 revolt?

Answer: Lotus and Bread

85213. The system of grants-in-aid in the education sector was the recommendation of?

Answer: Wood’s Despatch

85214. The term ‘Dastak’ implies?

Answer: Free pass or duty free trade

85215. The Third Anglo Burmese War was fought during the period of?

Answer: Dufferin

85216. “To sound the order of retreat just when the public enthusiasm reaching to boiling point was nothing short of a national calamity”?

Answer: Subhas Chandra Bose said this regarding the unilateral withdrawl of _______ movement by Gandhi. Non Cooperation

85217. A leading British Parliamentarian and politician admitted that the revolt of 1857 was a ‘National Revolt’ not a’ Military Mutiny’?

Answer: Benjamin Disraeli

85218. A novel and remarkable feature of the Civil Disobedience Movement was the widespread participation of the?

Answer: Women

85219. A spinal injury while horseback riding left this person in lifelong pain for which he wore a metal corset under his clothes. He served as the Viceroy of India. Name this person?

Answer: Curzon

85220. A.O. Hume was the General Secretary of INC till______?

Answer: 1892

85221. About the revolt of 1857 which leader pointed out in 1864 that “there was no popular outbreak;even the soldiers would not have mutinied but for the Meerut punishments. I, therefore, think that the mutiny of 1857 was not a popular rebellion”?

Answer: Syed Ahmed Khan

85222. Against whom did the English fight the fierce battle of Donaben?

Answer: Burma

85223. Aitchison Commission on the Public Services in India was appointed by?

Answer: Lord Dufferin

85224. All India ant-untouchability league was set up in?

Answer: 1932

85225. All India Hindu Maha Sabha was setup in 1915 under the presidentship of?

Answer: Maharaja of Kasimbazar

85226. An Irish woman Margaret Noble became the disciple of ....... and adopted the name Sister Nivetita?

Answer: Vivekananda

85227. Anasakthiyogam is the interpretation written by Gandhiji on?

Answer: Bhagavat Gita

85228. Appointment of an Educational Commission under Sir William Hunter in 1882 was during the period of?

Answer: Ripon

85229. As a result of the Poona Pact,the number of seats reserved for the depressed classes out of the general electorate seats were?

Answer: increased

85230. As per the Montague-Chelmsford Reforms Provincial subjects were divided into?

Answer: Reserved subjects andTransferred Subjects

85231. The first prime minister of Pakistan?

Answer: Liaqat Ali Khan

85232. The first principal of Mohammadan Anglo-Oriental College?

Answer: Theodore Beck

85233. The first provisional government of India was set up at Kabul under Mahendrapratap, Barkattullah and Ubeidullah Sindhi in?

Answer: 1915

85234. The first Satyagraha conducted by Gandhiji in India?

Answer: Champaran

85235. The first Satyagraha conducted in Kerala in which Gandhiji intervened?

Answer: Vaikom Satyagraha

85236. The first secretary of Brahma Sabha?

Answer: Tarachand Chakravarthy

85237. The first secretary of Punjab Naujawan Sabha was?

Answer: Bhagat Singh

85238. The first Secretaty of State for India was?

Answer: Lord Stanley

85239. In which year Gandhiji founded Tolstoy Farm in Johannesberg?

Answer: 1910

85240. In which year Gandhiji landed India after ending his stay in South Africa?

Answer: 1915

85241. In which year Gandhiji married Kasturba?

Answer: 1883

85242. In which year Gandhiji observed his first Satyagraha?

Answer: 1907

85243. In which year Gandhiji presided over the Belgaum session of Congress?

Answer: 1924

85244. In which year Gandhiji read Bhagavat Gita for the first time?

Answer: 1889

85245. In which year Gandhiji started ‘Indian Opinion’?

Answer: 1904

85246. In which year Gandhiji started Phoenix settlement near Durban?

Answer: 1904

85247. Name the Governor General who introduced Permanent Revenue Settleement?

Answer: Cornwallis

85248. Name the Governor General who is called the “Maker of Modern India”?

Answer: Dalhousie

85249. The venue of the Tebhaga revolt?

Answer: Maharashtra

85250. The Vernacular Press Act was repealed in?

Answer: 1882
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