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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1924

96201. Who became the first president of Travancore Communist Party?

Answer: KC George

96202. Who wrote ‘Adukkalayilninnu Parliamentilekk’?

Answer: Bharati Udayabhanu

96203. The districts that lead in the production of spices are Idukky and......?

Answer: Wayanad

96204. introduced Land Reforms Bill in Kerala legislative assembly?

Answer: KR Gowri

96205. Who was the last chief minister of TravancoreCochin?

Answer: Panampilly Govindamenon

96206. Father of Nuclear Physics?

Answer: Ernest Rutherford

96207. Father of Indian Nuclear Programme?

Answer: Homi.J. Bhabha

96208. Two types of Units are?

Answer: Fundamental Units and Derived Units

96209. Fundamental units can be expressed in 3 kinds of measuring systems such as?

Answer: CGS; MKS and FPS

96210. The Units which are derived from fundamental units?

Answer: Derived Units

96211. Modified form of MKS System?

Answer: SI (System International)

96212. Globally approved form of unit system is?

Answer: SI system

96213. Physical quantities are divided into?

Answer: Scalar quantity & Vector quantity

96214. Physical quantity having only magnitude, but no direction?

Answer: Scalar quantity eg : Mass; Length; Time etc

96215. Physical quantity having both magnitude and direction?

Answer: Vector quantity eg: Velocity; Momentum; Force etc

96216. 99% of matter in the Universe is in?

Answer: Plasma form

96217. Fifth state of matter?

Answer: Bose Einstein condensate

96218. Bose Einstein condensate was first predicted by?

Answer: Sathyendra Nath Bose and Albert Einstein

96219. The pure Bose Einstein was first created by?

Answer: Eric Cornell and Carl Wieman

96220. The quark model of matter was discovered by?

Answer: Murray Gell Mann and George Sick

96221. The particle made up of quarks and Gluons?

Answer: Hadrons

96222. Most stable form of hadrons are?

Answer: Protons and Neutrons

96223. The energy carriers in the matter?

Answer: Bosons$

96224. Bosons which carry electromagnetic force are?

Answer: Photons

96225. Bosons which carry weak nuclear force?

Answer: W & Z Bosons

96226. Bosons which carry strong nuclear force are?

Answer: Gluons

96227. Higgs Boson was discovered on?

Answer: 2012 july 4

96228. Particle which is known as 'God particle'?

Answer: Higgs Boson

96229. The particle which gives the property of mass to the matter?

Answer: Higgs Boson

96230. The particle which is considered the building blocks of all life?

Answer: Higgs Boson

96231. Higgs Boson was discovered at?

Answer: CERN

96232. The Indian scientist related to the term Boson?

Answer: Sathyendra Nath Bose

96233. Unit of work is?

Answer: louie or Nm

96234. In CGS System the unit of work is?

Answer: erg [1 joule = 10^7erg]

96235. The rate of doing work is called?

Answer: Power [Power = Work/Time]

96236. Unit of power is?

Answer: Watt or joule/sec

96237. Power is a?

Answer: scalar quantity

96238. Power is Measured in?

Answer: Horse power [1 Horse power =746 watt]

96239. The capacity to do a work is called?

Answer: Energy

96240. Unit of energy is?

Answer: Joule

96241. The energy developed on a body when a work done on that?

Answer: Mechanical energy

96242. Two types of Mechanical energy are -?

Answer: Kinetic energy and Potential energy

96243. Energy possessed by a body due to its motion is called?

Answer: Kinetic Energy

96244. If velocity is doubled, kinetic energy become?

Answer: Four times

96245. If the mass of a moving body is doubled, its kinetic energy is?

Answer: Doubled

96246. Energy possessed by a body, by virtue of its position is called?

Answer: Potential Energy [PE = mgh ] [m=mass; g = acceleration due to gravity; h = height]

96247. Energy stored in a compressed string is?

Answer: Potential Energy

96248. Energy stored in a water reservoir is?

Answer: Potential Energy

96249. Potential energy of an object at a ground level is?

Answer: Zero

96250. Potential energy increases as the height?

Answer: Increases
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